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Today’s Horoscope 18th June 2023


Starting with the day dedicated to rest, for you Arietini, a disharmonious aspect of our satellite is underway… Instead of spending a peaceful day, it seems that you are trying hard to find problems that shouldn’t exist. The partner feels a little attacked.


For the Bulls, a favorable position of the Moon starts, on the day dedicated to relaxation! Now you are more courteous than usual and intrigue a person who, in other contexts, had considered you uncommunicative. If you take up a hobby, you’ll be more successful at it.


Today, for you Geminis, our satellite shows itself in the House of Money! The more caring side of your character is appreciated. Your loved one feels pampered and gets even closer. There could be an afternoon of intimacy like it hasn’t happened for a long time.


A serene conjunction of the Moon has been underway for Cancer since this last day of the weekend… It’s a completely new period for you. By listening to others, you will understand how to get the results you expect, at work and home. Your empathy is quite rewarding.


On the day of the week that is favorable for you, for your Fire sign, the nocturnal star appears in the astrological House of unacknowledged obstacles… Don’t get carried away by the emotions of a person who tells you something about himself, just to get his ulterior motives.


An advantageous aspect of the nocturnal star is underway for your Earth sign, starting from this day. You can understand what other people are thinking even before they speak. You are empathetic and, with whoever you like, you can have very deep and productive conversations.


For your Air sign, a complicated aspect of the nocturnal star is underway, starting today… It’s Sunday, try to take it easy. Your serenity is endangered by a certain pessimism, which you should try to drive away by surrounding yourself with people who care about you.


There is a harmonious aspect of the nocturnal star, for Scorpio, starting from the day dedicated to rest… You rightly have your interests at heart, not only yours but also those of the people close to you. You will be thoughtful and get great feedback from those who know you best.


This Sunday, for you Sagittarius, our satellite enters the House of Change. Your mood improves and new ideas come to you to carry on a project that you really like but had at least partially overlooked. You are innovative and can do fun things.


On this last day of the weekend, an unpleasant aspect of our satellite begins, for you Capricorns… You are considered a bit of a brawler because you don’t like at all how others relate to you. Try to keep the peace in these difficult days.


The night star is in the Field of Momentum, for you Aquarius, starting from this day. If you have something practical to do this Sunday, the results will be better than expected. Your affectionateness, then, is successful with the people who attract you.


For Pisces, a harmonious position of the nocturnal star begins… Certain contrasts end and dialogues become more productive. You recognize a certain empathy, which allows you to understand what animates ideas different from yours, as well as how to incorporate them into your vision of life.

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