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Today’s Horoscope 19th June 2023


For Aries, the Moon is in an unpleasant disposition this Monday… Returning to daily activities finds you not very motivated. Try not to postpone too much all those functions that you could perform without too much difficulty already in the day. Those who have time don’t wait for time today.


This beginning of the week, for you Taurus, the Moon is in easy aspect! Your artistic side can give you a hand, at work or in love. You are very smart and give your best even in love, where you can talk productively with whoever you like best.


At the beginning of the week, for you Geminis, the night star is in the house of money! You have the right intuition to positively close a deal that others would have aimed for. With the new week, satisfaction is not lacking, provided however that you do not procrastinate.


On a favorable day for your sign, for you Cancers, the Moon is in suggestive conjunction. When you resume your daily activities, you will appear innovative. Colleagues and superiors alike will want to hear from you. It’s time to say something new to your partner as well.


Today, the Moon is always in the twelfth astrological house, for you Leos… Try to keep the tiller straight, whatever the cost, when work resumes. Some don’t like your inconsistency and accuse you of being a bit moody. Even in love, don’t be wavering.


For you Virgos, there is a pleasant position of our satellite today. When you return to work, you will find yourself full of good ideas. Your innovativeness makes you capable of doing things before others and before your usual. Bosses look at you better.


For you, Libras, an unpleasant aspect of our satellite is underway at the beginning of the week… Everything indeed seems less beautiful when work resumes, but your distrust of others is excessive. You are not asked to be naïve, but not to always doubt everything.


An advantageous position of our satellite continues, for you Scorpios, today… People love your polite way of relating to you and will listen to you on any topic you want to discuss. You will feel in true harmony with others in love as well as at work.


The night star is in the astrological house of reform, for Sagittarius! Resuming your everyday work, you realize that you have a certain inventiveness, which allows you to achieve better results on many occasions. Even in affection, there will be new satisfactions.


A tiring position of the Moon followed, for you Capricorns, this Monday… The resumption of work finds you unpredictable. It is not known how to treat you, because you are in a somewhat moody mood. Show yourself more consistently, especially in love: your partner is a little tired of your logic.


The Moon is in the astrological house of attraction for your Air sign today. Getting back to work is less complicated than you thought. You will not only be able to carry out your tasks, but you will also appear generous and able to lend a hand to those who are in difficulty for a moment.


Our satellite is at an advantageous moment for your Water sign today… The resumption of daily activities is faced with an indomitable spirit. You will find new and creative ways to deal with difficulties, as well as to make yourself interesting to someone you like.

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