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Today’s Horoscope 1st April 2023


Start a month in which you will be courageous and appear pleasant in the eyes of someone who is not easily fascinated by ordinary people. Today, for you Arietini, a positive disposition of our satellite is underway. You will be considered quite special.


The new month could see you a little self-centered. For the Bulls, a difficult aspect of our satellite is underway today. There is a need to listen well to the opinions and ideas of others and sometimes to put them into practice by setting aside your own, for your convenience.


At the beginning of the month, you are feeling very enthusiastic and you will involve someone who hasn’t gotten into adventures much lately. Today, for you Geminis, a positive transit of the nocturnal star is underway. You will be determined and you will easily convince whoever pleases you.


“April arrives and you are determined to do well. You are very generous; however, be careful not to exaggerate with your availability towards those who have not yet shown loyalty to you. On this weekend day, for you Cancers, your patron star it passes through the House of Money.”


The new month finds you enthusiastic about your projects. For you Leos, there is an advantageous aspect of the Moon, on this day in early April… Those by your side feel part of your enthusiasm and help you achieve important goals, which by themselves were complex.


Don’t be dramatic if things don’t go exactly as you would like. For you Virgos, our satellite is in the House of the Unconscious this Saturday. We must try to face even the most unpleasant people we will meet today with a smile on our lips.


The new month sees you very determined to achieve your goals. On the day of the week that is positive for you, for Libra, the Moon is in an advantageous transit. Your attitude allows you to score even with a person who has always seemed out of your reach.


On this day that begins in April, an unpleasant aspect of the nocturnal star continues, for your Water sign. You are inflexible. If someone has a good idea that doesn’t fit into your schemes, you’ll ignore them, thus missing out on a nice earning opportunity.


On this first day of April, a tasty arrangement is underway from our satellite, for you Sagittarius. You will be able to show, to those who are interested, at least one of your many talents. You will finally be taken seriously about your unpopular but realistic opinion.


For Capricorn, the Moon is in the astrological house of regeneration, on the day that gives life to April. It’s the right time to recover the positions you abdicated a few days ago, in the throes of a certain laziness that now leaves you alone. Take advantage of this new enthusiasm.


For you Aquarians, there is an uncomfortable aspect of the nocturnal star, on the day that starts the month of April. Just you, who are unconventional and do not like conformity, may find the behavior of a person who is only showing himself to be independent inappropriate.


For you Pisces, our satellite is in the House of daily life in early April. You have a strong practical sense and can achieve a victory that you would not have expected. Your optimism impresses someone tired of the defeatist attitudes of the masses.

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