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Today’s Horoscope 1st May 2023


For you, Arietini, the Moon is in the astrological house of everyday life, on this day of vacation. You will be able to make yourself appreciated by a person who finds you rather selfless. There can be moments of intense intimacy with the person you care about most, which will be satisfied!


At the beginning of the new month, for the Bulls, a positive disposition of our satellite followed. You will be very open to dialogue. Taking advantage of the day off, you should try to get in touch with a special person, who is waiting to hear from you.


In this early May, there is an uncomfortable aspect of the Moon for you Geminis. You are too set up and don’t look as sexy as usual to a person who has rated you highly in the past. You have to try to let go to be pleasant.


During Labor Day, there is a positive disposition from your star governor, for you Cancer… Your way of presenting yourself (especially if you dress in white) does not fail to attract the attention of someone who does not pass by the floor. So don’t stay too much at home.


For you Leos, the nocturnal star passes through the astrological house of money at the beginning of the month! Your expenses will be unusually reasoned and spot on. You can then talk to someone who has a precise and realistic idea about your career path.


On this day at the beginning of May, our satellite is in tasty conjunction, for you Virgos… You will experience the day of vacation with new energy and enthusiasm. You will be very organized and you will be able to resume an initiative that had been somewhat suspended in recent weeks.


This festive Monday, for your Air sign, the nocturnal star passes through the astrological House of unacknowledged obstacles! Don’t let a person get on your nerves who doesn’t like your free way of acting and envies you a little. Living well is, as always, the best revenge.


With the new month, the nocturnal star is in harmonic aspect, for you Scorpios. Your sign is known for its intelligence, which becomes even more evident to friends on this holiday day. Even a person you don’t usually meet on working Mondays will like you.


A disharmonious aspect of the nocturnal star is underway for Sagittarius at the beginning of the new month. Don’t ruin your work day by appearing too preoccupied with something you don’t know much about yet. Try to have fun knowing that tomorrow won’t be complicated.


At this beginning of May, the nocturnal star is in harmonic aspect, for you Capricorns! If you still don’t know what to do on this day of vacation, don’t be afraid to set up something last-minute. You are well organized and your ideas are successful today.


As the week begins in May, the Moon is in the Field of Rejuvenation, for Aquarius! Are you sure you made amends with all the people you treated condescendingly in the final days of April? There is someone who is still waiting to understand you better.


The Moon is in difficult opposition to your Water sign this holiday from work. You should be more lenient with yourself. Instead, you demand too much of yourself. Know how to forgive your mistakes and don’t be afraid to apologize to your loved one either!

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