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Today’s Horoscope 20th April 2023


You are a little too materialistic these days. Our star is, for the Arietini, in the House of material goods, starting from today. Perhaps you should be a little more generous: not only with money but also in how you dispense your feelings…


In the coming weeks, it will be hard not to find you charming. Starting this Thursday, there is a cheerful conjunction of the Sun, for Taurus. You will be refined both in the way you dress and in the way you speak. There will be moments of great harmony with a person who is adorable to you.


There comes a time when you show a little stubborn even when there are those who try hard to make you notice that your ideas are not suitable for certain situations. For Gemini, the Sun is in the astrological House of adversity to overcome, starting from this day…


The Sun makes you more sociable and allows you to seem very pleasant both in the eyes of those who already know you and new people. A tasty aspect of our star is underway, for you Cancers, starting today… You can make an acquaintance that will enrich your life experience.


You are a little lazy, today and in the next few days. For your Fire sign, the Sun, your patron star, is in an awkward position, starting today. You have to work hard to get the things you set for yourself and which, more than others, you deserve.


Your patience in achieving your goals will be rewarded in the coming weeks. Our star is in comfortable transit, for your Earth sign, starting this Thursday… You will get respectable acknowledgments from those who evaluate your work.


In recent weeks, you have often seemed too competitive, at work or in love. This Thursday, for you Libras, the Sun shows up in the House of Change. You’ll have a more sympathetic manner and you’ll be appreciated by someone who doesn’t like your short temper side.


The next few weeks must find you in art so as not to pass for greedy people. Starting from this day, a disharmonious position of the Sun is underway for you Scorpios… Your attachment to material goods will not give you the happiness you seek: only people give that.


For you Sagittarius, our star is in the House of daily life, starting with the lucky day for your sign. In the coming weeks, you will be very persevering and you will achieve the success that you did not expect, which makes you optimistic even in complex areas.


On this day, a pleasant position of our star is formed for Capricorn. How long has it been since you took up a new hobby? Thanks to the talent you display during this time, you can do well in practically any activity you want to undertake these days.


For your Air sign, a dissonant aspect of the Sun occurs from this day. Don’t show possessiveness towards your loved one, who is not giving any concrete signal that could justify your suspicions. Let her live and enjoy her moments with her.


On the day of the week that is favorable for you, a harmonious aspect of our star begins, for your Water sign… You will know how to enjoy life, but without forgetting the sensitive characteristics of your sign. An artistic personality will approach you.

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