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Today’s Horoscope 20th September 2023


Today Aries should not expect rapid dynamics in their affairs. Until evening comes, increased emotionality, inertia, laziness, or psychological dependence on pleasure may persist. In the evening, the situation and mood will change, but at the beginning of any business, obstacles, disappointment, or delay are expected. Confusion with documents or the route is possible, especially when going on a long journey.


In the morning and afternoon hours, circumstances favor Taurus, providing them with peace of mind, good instincts, and good luck. They can rely on their talents and follow their ideals. If there are no urgent matters, this is a good time to rest. At the end of the day, there can be a hitch and doubt in any task. You may need to change your environment. It’s worth taking a break to check your plans and calculations.


Before the evening comes, the stars advise Gemini to do routine things. At the end of the day, communication may be difficult, especially with foreigners, management, senior people, and representatives of institutions. There is a risk of not passing the test, encountering an error in the document, or encountering misunderstandings. You should not plan an important visit, interview, or professional consultation for the evening.


Cancers can use the main part of this day for relaxation or a quiet hobby. You shouldn’t miss the right time to straighten out relationships. You shouldn’t count on complete comfort in the evening: perhaps at the end of the day questions about work or health will arise, and there will be communication problems and delays in paperwork. You should not plan a meeting or a targeted business trip for the evening.


Today, many Leos will remain inert. In the morning, the reasons for their passivity may lie in their home environment or emotional state. In the evening, the mood will change, but positive impulses will often encounter systemic hidden obstacles. Secret doubts and fears can interfere with the manifestation of feelings and talents, and business activity can be hampered by errors in calculations or chaos in documents.


In the morning and afternoon, Virgos can deal with current affairs. You shouldn’t postpone significant plans until the evening: at the end of the day, logic may change, confusion may arise, or an obstacle may arise in the form of some external formality. The risk of misunderstanding or systemic fundamental error will increase. It makes sense to postpone the execution of a key document, a targeted trip, an important meeting, or an official visit.

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Tonight, many Libra will feel an interest in communication or a need for cooperation, but the situation will not be very favorable for this. Necessary routes and communication lines may be closed. There are likely to be delays, checks, and interference when sending and receiving data, and refusals to respond to requests. Contacts with foreigners, colleagues, assistants, and representatives of institutions may not work out.


Until evening comes, Scorpios can focus on their mood and current needs. This is the right time to outline your interests in partner work or relationships. this is a good time to relax. At the end of the day, the stars advise postponing payment transactions and purchases to clarify data and check calculations, especially when concluding transactions with foreigners.


The stars warn Sagittarius that these days are unlikely to be productive for them and it is better not to make big plans for them. Morning and afternoon hours are favorable for solitude and relaxation. At this time, you can dream, restore peace of mind, improve your health, or pay tribute to the spiritual side of life. In the evening, any surge of emotions can be blocked, and in any business, there will be obstacles.


Until evening comes, Capricorns are worried about the future. Capricorns who have succumbed to excessive optimism will have time to “come down to earth,” but at the same time, it is important for them not to fall into the opposite extreme of despondency. It is worth completing all tasks before the evening, since at the end of the day there is a risk of interference, for example, a loss of communication with distant territories. At night, you shouldn’t send messages and hit the road.


Today, the stars remind Aquarius of the need to be careful and to treat everything with a degree of skepticism and restraint. This recommendation will be especially important at the end of the day when you want to make a plan for the future or make a forecast. For now, all long-term programs should be considered drafts, and calculations should be checked for hidden errors. It is better to wait a while before joining a new group.


Until evening comes, Pisces will be able to navigate the situation well thanks to their instincts. It is at this time that they should maintain the necessary relationships with specific people, especially foreigners and nonresidents. In the evening, it is worth holding off on approving plans and sending documents, becoming more correct in communicating with superiors and authorities, and more carefully expressing your professional and personal opinions.

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