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Today’s Horoscope 22nd April 2023


A period in which you appeared almost stingy is coming to an end. For you Aries, an advantageous aspect of our satellite is in progress, starting with this first day of the weekend. Your charisma allows you to recover very quickly from the positions you had lost in the past days.


Your curiosity will be rewarded. For you Taurus, our satellite is in the House of Money on this weekend day. You will be able to discover an investment opportunity that others have culpably ignored. Family relationships are also much better.


After a period in which your dynamism was a bit dull, there comes a moment in which you appear versatile and capable of doing well in very different contexts. A suggestive conjunction of the nocturnal star occurs, for your Air sign, starting today.


Don’t let yourself be manipulated by someone who knows your weaknesses well and would like to make you indignant about facts that, in the end, can be considered almost innocent. This Saturday, for Cancer, the Moon, your patron star, is in the House of the Unconscious.


After a period of exceeding yourself in more than one aspect of daily life, you will return to control and master your everyday existence. On this first day of the weekend, for Leo, a harmonious aspect of our satellite begins. You will be quick in your trades.


You risk appearing superficial if you don’t ask yourself what motivates the decisions of the people you care about the most. There is a disharmonious aspect of the nocturnal star, for you Virgos, starting from this weekend day. Try to establish deeper communication.


Here comes a weekend that gives you a great desire to do. This Saturday, a comfortable Moon position begins for you Librans. You will be very open to a person who will be able to reward your empathy. If you have errands to attend to on a Saturday, it won’t take long.


The opposition of the Moon ends and those who are by your side find you much more communicative. The nocturnal star transits, for you Scorpios, in the House of Sexuality, starting today. You’ll know how to fit in with people who love you, and you’ll know how to deal with people who don’t.


For Sagittarius, a difficult position of the Moon starts, on this weekend day… Try to be consistent in what you say: if it turns out that you have different versions of the same story, it will then be difficult to get rid of the appointment of having two faces.


On the day favorable for your sign, Capricorn for you, our satellite shows up in the House of daily chores. If you work on Saturdays, you will discover that you have something extra. If, on the other hand, you are out and about, don’t forget that today your passion is through the roof.


For you Aquarians, there is an advantageous position of the Moon, starting from the day in your favor… Your irony is contagious and allows you to have fun in the company of smart people like you. In the evening, you can spend entertaining hours as you would not have expected.


On this first day of the weekend, a disharmonious position of our satellite is starting, for you Pisces. Don’t be naive if a person you don’t know well offers you a collaboration that doesn’t convince you one hundred percent. He may be trying to force his hand.

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