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Today’s Horoscope 22nd August 2023


This day can make Aries more emotional, but their sensitivity will not be in vain: it will help them to sense possible threats in time and see hidden critical errors (which is especially important in the work coming to an end, in repair and treatment procedures). Vivid love experiences are possible. Additional expenses may be required for gifts, for paying for an expensive service or creative idea.


Today, Taurus should get along with those on whom their authority, well-being, or personal happiness depends. Such relationships will not always be smooth, disagreements in love and marriage are especially likely. Many Taurus will have high expectations, perhaps impatience. On the verge of a quarrel, it is important to remember the “lifeline” – long-term joint plans. A conversation on a specific topic should be postponed for a day or two.


Today, it can be difficult for Gemini to focus on a routine due to a storm of emotions or other distractions. The stars advise not to deviate from the desired course, especially if a responsible process or its stage is coming to an end: negligence is fraught with consequences, and a house or health may suffer. It does not hurt to start this day by clarifying the program of action or setting up hidden control systems.


Today, Cancers have a chance of success through instinct or talent, faith, or a good plan. But don’t expect instant results. The stars are advised to do preparatory work, then a tangible breakthrough is possible in the coming days. A side effect of this day may be additional spending or violent experiences. The prize or winnings will have to be shared, something to pay for love and happiness.


Today, Lions may have household chores, family secrets, and housing issues in the foreground. The emotional side of the day will present the greatest difficulty: many Leos will become sensitive and capricious, and they will expect increased attention to themselves, their tastes, and their needs. Possible laziness, extravagance, craving for luxury and comfort, aversion to routine or everyday life, buying excesses instead of necessary.


Today, the stars are advising Virgos to minimize the fuss. It is not worth starting a business, because tomorrow the initiative taken will reveal shortcomings or obstacles will arise. A decrease in targeted activity can lead to the redirection of unused energy to other areas, for example, to the search for pleasure or to a more intense personal life than on other days. Secret expenses and finds are possible.


Stars tell Libra that the situations of this day can lead to extravagance. In the morning, considerations of economy and caution may prevail, but as events unfold, large appetites may well prevail. Inflated requests, in turn, may prompt the search for additional sources of financing, for example, a loan or a friendly loan with the expectation of a return in the future.


Today it is not easy for Scorpios to contain their emotions – especially when they are looking for pleasure, fame, or want to reach for the “forbidden fruit”. They may be motivated by love, the desire for money, or popularity. Possible over-expenditure of forces or funds. Many Scorpios will get less than they want and deserve, as they will face powerful and resourceful rivals. An important moment in your personal life or marriage is possible.


Today the stars advise Sagittarians to beware of hidden traps, especially emotional and material ones. This day can bring a share of intrigue to any situation, and remind you of debts or experiences of the past. Possible financial troubles, difficulties in love, and problems in dealing with foreigners. It won’t hurt to be careful. It is useful to have a secret plan of action, a shelter, a reserve capital, or other safety net.


Today, Capricorns will be able to achieve some success by being careful and trusting the experience of their past. This is the day when the share of skepticism can become saved, and excessive enthusiasm (amorousness, extravagance) is fraught with problems. For example, expenses that start on this day may grow exponentially later, and feelings and desires may become uncontrollable.


Today, the stars remind Aquarius of the insidiousness of the situation and are advised to keep their resources under control. Depending on the circumstances, they can mean money, mental strength, creative ideas, important rights, or previous professional achievements. There may be a temptation to increase income, expand housing or career opportunities. A bright emotional background is expected in love and marriage.


Today, Pisces will succeed or at least maintain their position – provided that they are not too often distracted by the bright sparkles of random events and petty temptations. To stay focused on the essentials, start your day by clarifying your long-term plans, key needs, or belief system. It is better to postpone a target meeting, a trip, sending documents to tomorrow.

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