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Today’s Horoscope 22nd September 2023


Today, most Aries will retain yesterday’s harmonious mood, but in specific matters, productivity may be slightly lower than the day before. Idealism, daydreaming, absent-mindedness, or underlying insecurities may increase throughout the day. For targeted communication and performing specific tasks, the stars advise choosing the morning. In the evening, you can switch to a free mode of action or take a complete rest.


The stars tell Taurus that this is not the best day for work and endeavors. However, it does not imply complete passivity or inertia. It’s good to travel lightly and at a free pace, absorb new impressions, and get acquainted with exotic places and other cultures. Perhaps the environment will awaken the imagination or memory, bring back memories, or make you fantasize about the future.


Today, the stars warn Gemini against pleasant self-deception, for example, embellishing someone else’s portrait or idealizing other cultures. Belief in miracles can add romance to a love story or inspiration to the creative process, but it is not always appropriate in situations of business cooperation, home, and professional affairs. It is better to wait until this day for the approval of a new plan or agreement.


Today, the stars advise Cancers to be more attentive in any work, since during the day the likelihood of absent-mindedness, idealism, or self-deception will increase. Additional vigilance in affairs abroad, in contact with foreigners and representatives of remote territories, will not hurt. The day can increase interest in healing and spiritual aspects of service. Do not rush to choose a job, a doctor, or an assistant.


Today, the stars advise Leos to choose a pleasant vacation, romance, or creative pursuits. This day can direct attention towards intangible values. It’s good to be in nature. It is advisable to avoid increased stress of any kind. One of the insidious aspects of the day can be embellishing hidden problems or trying to push them out of consciousness. Love, spirituality, and other illusions are possible.


Today Virgos should not count on complete clarity: it is unlikely both at home and abroad. Perhaps household members and loved ones will not be completely frank. Moral, ethical, and spiritual misconceptions are possible. It is better to postpone any decision about housing, renovation, and relocation, as well as the choice of a partner, tenant, or confidant. It doesn’t hurt to be attentive when communicating with foreigners and guests.

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Today the stars advise Libra to hold off on new initiatives and any energetic steps. A combination of circumstances or a lack of one’s energy can reduce the useful return from planned actions. For Libras who lead an active lifestyle, it is better to avoid unnecessary stress and high pace. Libras who want to make a name for themselves, become leaders in their relationships, or enter into competition should wait a little.


Today, it makes sense for Scorpios to cancel non-essential events, trips, and transactions, since circumstances do not contribute to complete clarity. There is an increased likelihood of confusion, loss, diversion, fraud, or misrepresentation. It is worth paying attention to the behavior of your partner or assistant: if you have disagreements with him, it is better to settle them so as not to turn him into a secret enemy instead of a friend.


Today Sagittarians are not distinguished by discipline, consistency, and clarity of thought. Many representatives of the sign, especially December ones, are prone to absent-mindedness, daydreaming, and certain delusions. There is a high risk of deception and self-deception. It is possible to become dependent on family secrets or your bad habits. This is not the day to make important personal decisions and take on new responsibilities.


Today, the stars advise Capricorns to relax or reduce the fuss, and pay attention to their health, and psychological and spiritual supports. Peace will help you avoid mistakes, get rid of illusions, and prepare for a new stage associated with personal activity or responsibility. It is worth remembering that the day weakens the will, increases absent-mindedness confuses landmarks, and increases the risk of reaching a dead end and getting lost.


On this day, Aquarius may be attracted by dreams of the future. An unclear perspective will give you many reasons for fantasy and you should not be afraid of this. It’s just important not to start new things on this wave, since today they will, at best, lead to a dead end, and at worst, leads to losses or disappointment. It is better not to engage in precise work and routine today. This is a great time to relax alone or in company.


On this day, Pisces should refrain from new beginnings and precise planning, as well as from any official contacts and work with documents. This is not the best moment to choose a goal or profession, to take on a new position and sign a contract. Today, in addition to the uncertainty of external circumstances, one’s illusions and fantasies are added; it is easy to make the wrong choice and make the wrong decision.

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