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Today’s Horoscope 23rd September 2023


Today Aries will have to become more purposeful and pragmatic. The day can be troublesome and it is better not to scatter your energy in different directions, but to concentrate on what is important. The right time to work with documents, visit authorities and official websites, and meet with management. There is a risk of disagreements with partners, relatives, or superiors. Even in a difficult situation, it is better to seek a compromise.


For Taurus, this day will be calmer if independence is their priority. Certain complications are more likely when dependent on assistants or maintenance. In any case, good luck and moral support are expected. The greatest success is promised by communication or intellectual work, for example, training, programming, and text translations. Contacts with friends and foreign acquaintances promise success.


Today, the stars advise Gemini to become realistic and to exercise caution and pragmatism in any situation. The day is good for discussing a wide range of practical topics, especially those related to material affairs and housing. It’s good to study the details related to bank deposits, mortgages, savings, insurance, and utility bills. You may have to resort to a risky, cunning maneuver.


Cancers should not miss the opportunity to study and target communication. Today you can find useful news, get a lesson or consultation, and expand your circle of friends and patrons. Contacts and information (especially legal) will not hurt, since the situation cannot be called calm and unambiguous. A new turn of events can highlight the difference of interests and add firewood to the fire of a business or domestic conflict.


Today it is better for Leos to put health or business routine first. This is a good day for extended meetings with assistants and management and for intensive official correspondence. Of particular interest may be topics related to financing and remuneration, employment, distribution of functions, legal support, and resolution of ambiguous controversial situations.


Today, it is important for Virgos not to get lost in the face of urgent matters and ambiguous situations: they will be able to solve any problem thanks to their sociability, connections, erudition, or talent. But some actions are still better to avoid, for example, quick, reckless spending. It is worth paying more attention to the person with whom a financial or other agreement has been concluded, the seller, the buyer, and the intermediary in the transaction.

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This day will strengthen Libra’s craving for self-expression. Many Libras will first have to direct their energy and talents to resolve an urgent task, for example, protecting a home or maintaining a balance of interests in cooperation. The day can lead to irritability and tipping the scales in your favor. There may be a temptation to aggravate marital, family, or business relationships, or to initiate competition.


Today, Scorpios may have an additional reason to remain in the shadows or honor the agreement. In some cases, it will be important to strengthen personal “rear areas”. Many Scorpios will benefit from awareness, professional or general erudition, and a wide circle of friends. Single Scorpios should be more contactable and study the news, including foreign ones. Complications in business and travel are possible.


Today the stars advise Sagittarius to pay attention to material matters. Of particular interest may be issues related to payment for services and professional earnings. The list of useful purchases, for example, medicines, may be expanded. Caution in business situations will not hurt: on this day, hasty, unprofitable transactions and incorrect maneuvers in business, which give rise to discord and disputes, cannot be ruled out.


In ambiguous situations of this day, Capricorns need to manage their affairs skillfully: to get along with the right people, and not quarrel without reason with partners, bosses, relatives, and life partners. Urgent tasks and urgent concerns cannot be ignored. The good aspects of the day are sociability, good news, moral support, and possession of the necessary information. Difficulties in one area will be balanced by success in another.


For Aquarius, the stars say this is a good day to dive into practical research and useful intellectual work, such as applied programming. A good time to study legal documentation, for extended meetings at home or remotely at work. You should not choose this day for specific endeavors, especially for starting a trip or collaborating with foreigners.


Today, Pisces should be aware of aggravations in business and other relationships, as they may not have the best impact on the future. There is a way to prevent or resolve contradictions – friendly dialogue. Having concluded a new agreement, there is no need to rush into specific actions. In urgent matters, insurance is recommended. It is advisable to avoid ambiguous situations and legal and financial uncertainty.

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