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Today’s Horoscope 24th May 2023


In the middle of the week, a comfortable position of the Moon is formed for your Fire sign… Finally, communication with the people who interest you most becomes easier. A disagreement that had caused you some anxiety in the last few days dissipates without too many aftermaths.


A complicated aspect of the nocturnal star is underway for you Taurus, starting from this day… You are unusually jealous, and your partner gets annoyed because he hasn’t done anything to deserve it. Try to judge situations more calmly and you will see hidden sides.


Starting this Wednesday, for you Geminis, there’s a tasty position from our satellite! Your ability to help others will be appreciated, from a work colleague to a friend in need. A person who fascinates you cannot fail to notice your altruism.


For your Water sign, your guiding star, the Moon, is now in the House of Economies. Your way of dealing with money is not very aware of the consequences of your choices. Don’t take excessive risks in your profession either: limit yourself to the ordinary.


A pleasant conjunction of the nocturnal star is in progress, for you Leoncini, starting from today… There are new emotions, which improve both professional and emotional life. It is clear that you have an edge over the others, and they almost compete to talk to you.


For your Earth sign, our satellite appears in the House of the Unconscious, mid-week… Don’t put yourself in competition with someone who, in this period, knows more than you. Before confronting you with people, we need more detailed information.


This Wednesday, the nocturnal star enters into a pleasant aspect, for you Libras… Improve your state of mind. A person in particular who wanted to get closer but was rather frightened by a certain way of doing capriciousness notices it. Now everything is simpler.


There is an unfortunate position of our satellite, for Scorpio, starting this Wednesday! Don’t be jealous if you don’t get the attention you think you deserve. Not because you don’t deserve them, but because you’re setting the bar too high these days.


Starting from this day, the Moon passes in a pleasant transit for your Fire sign. You are very enthusiastic about what you are doing. The bosses notice it and finally don’t mistreat you, and the loved one abandons certain controversial attitudes.


Our satellite is located in the astrological house of reconstitution, for you Capricorns, starting from this day… You can abandon, for the happiness of those around you, the slightly infantile attitude that had characterized you recently. Now you look much more mature.


In the middle of the week, the night star shows itself in dissonant opposition, to you Aquarius. The sympathy that had characterized you in recent days will give way to an attitude of superiority if not dominance. Try to recover the humility essential to do well.


For you Pesciolini, our satellite enters the House of Duties this Wednesday! In everyday life, you are determined and appreciated. But it is above all in eros that you give your best. If you are not in a relationship, there are finally all the premises.

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