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Today’s Horoscope 24th September 2023


Today Aries should not expect complete comfort. For most representatives of the sign, the emotional background will not be very pleasant, but this circumstance will not stop there. Uneven relationships with the right people, failures in business, forced concessions, moments of psychological pressure, and irritability are possible. Previous problems in the areas of marriage, partnership, profession, and career may come back to haunt you.


On this day, Taurus will not feel calm if they depend on someone else’s help: echoes of yesterday’s problems may persist today, interfering with the feeling of complete security. In general, these days are not conducive to fuss. In addition to maintaining professional and friendly connections, you can indulge in philosophical reflection, pay tribute to the spiritual side of life, or gain a deeper understanding of the ethical side of the matter.


Today, the stars recommend Gemini not to turn off critical pragmatic thinking, and in difficult situations not to cancel precautions ahead of time. Possible negative returns from the past: there is a risk of facing the consequences of debt, foul play, unsuccessful partnership, or membership in a group with a suspicious reputation. Success will largely come from awareness, but instinct is also important.


Today the stars advise Cancers to beware of disputes on any basis. If complaints are unavoidable, it is worth expressing them as carefully as possible, otherwise, family peace, marital harmony, or business understanding may suffer. On these days, it is better not to respond to provocations, and also not to stay for a long time in an unfriendly environment or where there is a risk of being subjected to negative psychological suggestions.


Today, the stars advise Leos to postpone pleasant and important events for themselves, to be more careful in doing routine obligatory tasks, and to be more careful about their health: echoes of long-standing chronic ailments and untreated ailments are not excluded. This is not the best time to look for a new job and other employment-related procedures, for example, to prepare documents for dismissal or transfer.


Today, Virgos can count on good luck – especially if they are more persistent and bring the necessary matter to its logical conclusion. Despite the possible severity of the moment and its ambiguity, they will have hope for a successful resolution of the current situation. Many Virgos will find their old experience or old hobby useful. Insight based on intuition or knowledge is possible. Moral help from friends will help.


The stars warn Libra that today the situation and psychological atmosphere are not very favorable for them. There is a high probability of encountering the negative effect of your yesterday’s impulses or traces of a difficult past, for example, a family one. Until nightfall, ailments, outbursts of negative emotions, failures, and quarrelsomeness are possible. An attempt to urgently correct the error will lead to undesirable consequences.


Many Scorpios will derive benefit or meaning from the circumstances and moods of this day. Perhaps something will remind them of the past. However, they should not too clearly demonstrate their luck, benefit, or sense of moral satisfaction, as well as openly express their sadness about something: this may not please their partners and those around them, and add tension to further cooperation or neighborhood.


Today the stars advise Sagittarius to conduct their affairs more carefully and conserve resources. If possible, on this day it is better to refrain from new acquisitions and be content with old stocks. There may be a hidden flaw in any purchase; any transaction may turn out to be unsuccessful. You should not ignore debts: if it is impossible to pay them off instantly, you should think about how to do this in the foreseeable future.


Today is not easy for Capricorns, especially when born in mid-January. Failures, facts of betrayal and pressure, and ambivalent situations will be difficult to experience. A delay or an old problem may be unnerving. There may be fear of repeat troubles. Experience may seem like a punishment rather than an advantage. If a mistake is made, it is dangerous to persist in it, but it is not worth correcting it on this day.


Aquarians should take into account the peculiar and not always positive mood of these days. The closer the evening, the higher the likelihood of being in the grip of unpleasant memories or other emotions that cannot be called cheerful. This day can fuel suspicions and doubts, and intensify the manifestations of chronic ailments and secret hostility. It’s good to have a friend to share it with.


Today Pisces is not inclined to be optimistic. Not only external news and circumstances but also their premonitions, often correct, can lower their expectations and fuel suspicions. The stars remind you that there is a good side to events, for example, the possibility of getting rid of the past to clear space for the future. But this does not negate the precautions that must now be taken.

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