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Today’s Horoscope 26th June 2023


At the beginning of the week, an unpleasant disposition of our satellite continues, for your Fire sign… Don’t be too worried if the resumption of your usual occupations seems too onerous. In just a few hours, you will find your optimal shape and feel more optimistic.


The night star is in the House of Feelings, for Taurus, today! The resumption of daily tasks finds you insightful and ready to gain recognition from both colleagues and superiors. Things are less tiring than you thought yesterday. Spend less time on usual tasks.


On this day, the night star is in a positive aspect, for you Gemini! Getting back to your usual tasks doesn’t turn out to be as complicated as you thought yesterday. Your gregariousness is noticed and leads to a favor you may not have earned otherwise. You will get credit.


On the day of the week favorable for you, for Cancer, a difficult position of your star governor continues… The return to work finds you a little insecure. Have greater confidence in your means and people will soon join your thoughts.


An easy aspect of our satellite persists, for your Fire sign, this Monday… The resumption of daily tasks turns out to be much less complex than you feared since your creativity allows you to be successful. Someone will trust your thoughts.


At the beginning of the week, the nocturnal star passes through your Earth sign in the house of material goods. With long-standing relatives and friends, you will appear very sociable and you will feel part of a good experience together. Even if it’s Monday, you won’t feel lost.


On this day, for your Air sign, a tasty conjunction of the Moon continues. When you resume your daily chores, you have excellent ideas, which make you appear innovative. You will be able to do your homework easily and you will still have a good dose of energy for your private life!


The Moon is always in the last astrological house, for Scorpio, this Monday… If someone doesn’t do things the way you think is right, when work resumes, don’t take it too hard. Spending so much energy on minor matters could prove to be burdensome for your psychophysical health.


Our satellite is in harmonic aspect for you Sagittarius at the beginning of the week! The resumption of work finds you well-disposed and sociable. You will have a smile on your face and you will find yourself positively infecting a partner who has recently appeared a bit pessimistic.


At the start of the week, the Moon is in a tricky position for your Earth sign! You appear too worried about the resumption of work duties. Your loved one will feel a little neglected since you don’t know how to dedicate an optimistic thought to her at least in perspective!


For you Aquarians, our satellite is looking good this Monday… Your wit is unquestionable. Above all, superiors don’t discuss it, and point out to you that you can achieve goals you hadn’t even thought of. At home, you are heard more.


The night star is in the astrological house of change, for you Pisces, at the beginning of the week! Going back to business as usual is not as tragic as it was expected yesterday. You have new and practical ideas. Your superiors will admire your innovative and productive way of doing things.

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