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Today’s Horoscope 26th September 2023


Today, the stars advise Aries to interact more actively with partners and like-minded people in the first half of the day. This is the best time for group activities, coordinating plans, making updates, and experiments. As evening approaches, signs of laziness, distraction, fatigue, and dissociation may appear, making it more difficult to coordinate efforts and get the desired results.


Many Taurus will spend this day on the wave of yesterday’s enthusiasm. Depending on the situation and their own choice, they will remain ideological leaders in their group or, conversely, they will feed on collective ideas. Some Taurus will be captivated and may have unusual tastes and whims. There may be a surprise in business or your personal life. Not the best day for global undertakings from scratch.


Today, the stars advise Gemini not to be afraid of surprises and to take advantage of the moment – especially if life offers you to learn a promising skill, make new friends, or conquer distant promising horizons. What now seems too exotic or expensive may one day become a familiar attribute of life and a source of strength. Specific target promotions are preferable in the first half of the day.


Today, it is better for Cancers to maintain an emphasis on collective affairs and interests. At the beginning of the day, you should not refuse to participate in an event or the opportunity to support like-minded people, and at the end of the informal group meetings. This is the right time for progressive updates that are designed for the future. General precautions that are preventive rather than targeted in nature will not hurt.


Today, the stars advise Leos to value friendship and partnership outside of rigid boundaries and to adhere to a free format of communication. You should not make firm plans about joint activities or mutual sympathy: sooner or later life will show that not every train goes along a predetermined route. It is possible that too many people will join the created program or it will turn out to be too expensive.


The stars tell Virgos that today they should not put off their current affairs until a late hour. The first half of the day is suitable for completing any task, including new and unconventional ones. At this time, there is a higher probability of finding the right people or tools; at an unexpected moment, moral support may come from like-minded people or a mentor. Taking on new things in the evening is not a good idea.


Today, Libra retains the field for progressive experimentation. As for the personal energy needed to make it successful, most Libras will be at their creative, emotional, and physical peak in the first half of the day. It is this period that the stars advise using for intensive work, sports training, object-based creativity, or an active personal life.


On this day, Scorpios should not plan their personal important affairs and new starts. Most likely, the situation will remain unpredictable until nightfall and you will have to act according to the situation. Often events in the family or at home, among friends or guests will dictate the line of behavior and area of ​​interest. Success is more likely if you continue what you did yesterday and if your energy is invested in the common good.


The stars tell Sagittarius that this day implies a free format of work and communication. You should not plan the details of the route, the number of participants, or the agenda of the meeting in advance: most likely, new details will appear, or already-known issues will be covered from a new perspective. It is advisable to complete specific tasks, especially those related to expansion and modernization, before evening.


On this day, Capricorns shouldn’t plan important things, starting from scratch and routine purchases. The situation right up to the night can remain unpredictable, as well as the mood, so the outcome of any event will not be easy to predict in detail, especially as the evening approaches. You may have to change plans and preferences on the fly; the right people or necessary things will not be there.


Today Aquarians are unpredictable for others, and sometimes they can be surprised at themselves and their whims. In the first place for many Aquarius will be the ideals of novelty, progress, freedom, and justice, but understood uniquely. Having achieved success or received a lucky chance, it costs them nothing to do unexpectedly and illogically, for example, to give their share of success to one of their friends, guests, or relatives.


Today the stars advise Pisces to relax a little, postpone important undertakings, and allow themselves non-standard behavior. This is a day when it is not necessary to strictly adhere to a schedule, strictly follow your principles, or a set of professional principles. The unspoken rules of the team can become more important than formal regulations. After completing the necessary urgent tasks, you can switch to free mode.

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