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March 21st to April 19th

Starting today, the star of affections passes through the twelfth astrological house, through Aries! You will be your own worst enemies in love for the next few weeks. Your victimhood will prevent you from appearing lucid with the people who interest you the most. Be more objective.


20 April to 20 May

From today, there is an easy position of your Astro protector, for Taurus… You will be very romantic, in the coming weeks, and you will gain the attention of a person who would like to feel more appreciated. You will know how to make her the protagonist and you will be able to conquer her!


21 May to 21 June

Don’t be a victim in love. As the weekend approaches, the star of love and friendship presents itself in a dissonant position, for Gemini! You will tend to think that everything that happens to you is never your fault, but only of those who don’t have the tools to understand you!


22 June to 22 July

The star of feelings is in pleasant transit, for you Cancers, as the weekend approaches! You will know how to make the person you aim to love you. You are very intriguing, with your appearance, looking better than usual. Your way is pleasantly empathetic.


23 July to 22 August

For you Leoncini, the Moon is in a harmonious aspect today. The people you care about will get the impression that you are self-confident and cheerfully enterprising in all areas. You will know how to face the toughest choices. Your advice will be trusted in sensitive professional fields.


23 August to 22 September

“Our satellite is found in the eighth house! Everyday events will be enriched precisely in the period in which it seemed implausible. Harmonies with relatives become stronger; you have the opportunity to learn news of interest in the family economic sphere.”


23 September to 22 October

This Thursday, a complicated position of the nocturnal star is underway for the Libras! Those who are at your side will consider you less conscientious than the common since you want to cause turmoil in every field of existence. Try to represent a stable point of reference for those you love.


23 October to 21 November

For you Scorpios, the night star is in the House of daily life. As for the usual duties, you will be cautiously concentrated on the details and each problem will be put at its best without any particular effort… In intimate moments, you will be greatly appreciated!


November 22nd to December 21st

A pleasant aspect of the Moon continues for you on the day of the week that is favorable for you. The people who are close to your heart will find you quite resolute and diligent. There will be, for you, words of esteem, both with the people you like and with those you know through study or work…


22 December to 19 January

A difficult position of the Moon occurs. For you to be as flirty as is expected of you, it is imperative to be relaxed. People you like will think you’re less reliable than usual since you try to twist things and appear reckless!


20 January to 18 February

A harmonious aspect of our satellite persists. It is easy for you to achieve excellent luck in love with the help of your positive disposition and with the support of your stubbornness. In your professional life, you will receive words of esteem. You will find that you are considered persuasive!


19 February to 21 March

Learn more about the set of excellent circumstances that appear, given that some have the means to prove profitable in many ways … For you Little Fish, the Moon is always in the second astrological house! In the financial sphere, there is a chance to collaborate with smart people.

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