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Today’s Horoscope 27th June 2023


For you, Aries, the planet of Communication transits in a tiring position, starting from the day that is positive for you… Interpersonal relationships could deteriorate because you are a bit too brawler. It would be appropriate to try to understand with greater commitment the motivations of others.


A Harmonic Position of the Planet of Communication Begins for Your Earth Sign This Tuesday! In the coming weeks, you will be considered innovative, with your way of thinking. Not everyone will be able to keep up with you: don’t gloom if you feel alone at the top!


Starting today, for you Geminis, Mercury, your guiding star, is in the astrological house of material goods! Your innovation does not go unnoticed and, in the coming weeks, will allow you to achieve business success. In love, more spontaneity is needed.


From today, for you Cancers, there is a positive aspect of Mercury, the star of intelligence. Your way of communicating gets a nice boost. You can come up with new activities. You have an artistic way of seeing existence and you arrive at goals in original but effective ways.


From this Tuesday, Mercury, planet of cunning, is in the twelfth house, for you Leos… It’s okay to be at least a little suspicious of those who make high-sounding promises, but you Leos may be too reluctant to trust them. You are missing out on the input of someone valuable.


Starting this Tuesday, there is a positive position from the planet of Travel and Communication for you Virgos. In the coming weeks, your more artistic side will show itself more predominantly, which helps you to live life in a more creative and fun way, in every context.


On this day, a difficult position is formed for the star that regulates Travel and Communication, for you Libras. Try to relate to others in the most rational way possible. Trust only the facts and not what gossip or, worse, superstitions say!


Starting from the lucky day for your sign, for you Scorpios, a tasty aspect of Mercury, the planet of cunning, is underway… Talking to people, you get many ideas on how to help them, and how to help yourself. Your empathy allows you to better understand many things.


Starting today, for Sagittarius, Mercury’s dissonant position ends! Thus ends a period in which you appeared a little distant from the people you care about. Your words are characterized by a certain sweetness, which is particularly appreciated and leads to very happy hours.


Today, there is a disharmonious position of Mercury, which governs Communications and Travel, for Capricorn… Try to tell things as they are in the coming weeks. Especially in feelings, some think you are a bit deceptive, given the lack of transparency.


Today, for your sign of Air, Mercury, the star of intelligence, shows itself in the House of daily chores… You will know how to face all challenges with an intuition that puts you one step ahead of everyone else. Your ability to interpret situations is remarkable and helps you to win.


On this day, for you, Pisces, the star that regulates Travel and Communication, shows itself in an easy aspect! In the coming weeks, you will be able to face all the activities with the right care. In discussions with people you care about, you will come across as frank and gain confidence.

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