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March 21st to April 19th

On the day dedicated to rest, as far as you are concerned, the Moon is still in the House of Money… The possibility of a new and stimulating activity lies ahead in the monetary sphere! Do not let idleness keep you from putting into practice the favorable ideas they present to you.


20 April to 20 May

The nocturnal star transits in an elegant conjunction. What is the thought that keeps you from taking full advantage of what you see at this juncture? Whether with people you like or with people you know from work, there are possibilities for some intriguing novelty!


21 May to 21 June

On a relaxing day, the nocturnal star is, for you Gemini, in the House of secret enemies… You may have tonsil troubles. Protect yourself from January temperatures! Even though a friend no longer likes you, you will get what you deserve in your entourage.


22 June to 22 July

“Your obvious serenity allows you to reach what you thought were utopian goals before this month’s end! In whatever area of ​​the life path you expect to touch, you will appear attentive to detail. You will obtain appreciation in any field; not least, the profession.”


23 July to 22 August

On the day of the week that is positive for you, a disharmonious position of the night star continues. Since you want to give up effort at all costs, those who intrigue you will judge you as not very participatory! There is a need for less inertia so that you can be enticing as it should be.


23 August to 22 September

On a day dedicated to relaxation, there is a favorable position for our satellite! The people you care about will finally find you ready to face the hard facts and you will gain success, both with the people you like and with who you are forced to associate.


23 September to 22 October

Even if it didn’t seem possible, the balances that seemed lost at the beginning of the year will be restored. The nocturnal star transits the Field of renewal, through Libra, on the day of rest. Certain family relationships, which had become suffocating, will become simpler.


23 October to 21 November

A tiring aspect of our satellite persists. Since you expect to avoid stress even today, those around you will judge you as less witty than they would like… However, it won’t rain in the wet: there are large margins for a favorable change!


November 22nd to December 21st

Our satellite transits the astrological house of momentum! You will find that you are seen as being pragmatic and everything will flow smoothly about everyday tasks. You will feel wanted, in the moments dedicated to intimate people…


22 December to 19 January

The evening star is in harmonious transit, during the day dedicated to relaxation. The people who know you best will find you focused on the practical facts. Your way of doing will make you live better, both in relationships born for work and study and in those linked to love and eros!


20 January to 18 February

An uncomfortable position of the nocturnal star continues today for Aquarius… Why don’t you try to put less inertia into play? Those around you will see you as less enterprising than usual, as you desperately aspire to escape the stress and seem too lazy!


19 February to 21 March

On the day dedicated to rest, our satellite is in an advantageous sextile. The people you care about will find you ready to listen to them and you will discover that you can receive certificates of esteem both in relationships born for work and study and in those linked to love… and sex.

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