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Today’s Horoscope 29th July 2023


Today, the stars promise Aries good luck or good impressions. A source of positivity can be a personal life, a comfortable stay, a safe trip, or pleasant contact with a foreign culture. Intriguing romantic moments associated with the memory of the past are possible. Yesterday’s problems, triggers of irritation, and sources of fuss will be smoothed out, but not eliminated, it is worth following the news.


Today, the stars advise Taurus to practice sessions of internal relaxation or switching attention more often, to allow themselves freedom of emotions and imagination. This day is suitable for communication in an informal setting, and contact with other cultures or “other worlds”, contributing to the flight of creative imagination. Practical thinking and the accomplishment of specific tasks may fall by the wayside.


Today Gemini can hope for a harmonious atmosphere around and mutual sympathy from other people. If the relationship is uneven, on this day the contradictions are smoothed out. A good moment to adapt to a problematic life, complex cooperation, or a foreign culture, to harmonize relationships in a love or marriage union. At home or work, a new topic of conversation may appear.


Today, Cancers can count on the mitigation of current problems, help, or sympathy in routine worries. Circumstances at work can improve, and subordinates or pets can please. There are growing hopes for a cure or help, for the appearance of the necessary trifles or useful information. You can look at some annoying details with humor. May be interested in healing or charity.


Stars tell Leos that this is the right day for harmonious rest, communication with children, and enjoying romance, nature, or creativity, and they advise using it in this capacity. You can allow yourself to fantasize about something pleasant, and forget about hidden problems and suspicions for a while. However, you should not completely lose touch with reality; it is important to keep track of business and financial news.


This day can prepare Virgos for pleasant moments at home or away, in personal life, or in the sphere of spiritual needs. Many Virgos will get the opportunity to be at peace, in nature, in a fantasy world, or a quiet comfortable shelter. However, they will not succeed in abstracting from the flow of events, especially at birth in August. They may have fresh ideas, new contacts, or reasons for activity.


Today, the positive aspects of the situation prevail in the eyes of Libra over the negative ones, they can incline towards lightness, fun, or carelessness. The day creates a pleasant emotional atmosphere for love and romance and broadens one’s horizons offering to temporarily forget about ailments and routine every day worries. Many Libras, immersed in harmonious emotions, will ignore important practical news.


Today, Scorpios may hope for profit, for good luck in matters of the heart, or another smile of fortune, but they should remember that success can be accidental and fragile. On this day luck may come despite the mistakes made, and not thanks to the right decisions. Goods that come out of nowhere can just as easily go away. It is worth following the news from friends, from work, and services.


Today, the stars promise Sagittarius an improvement in mood and an increase in attractiveness. They can expect love luck, pleasant shopping, and creative success. Pleasant relaxing fantasies or memories that help them endure the hardships of life can decorate their lives. A respite in current affairs is likely, but you should not relax: the problem has not been settled and the next portion of news is already on the way.


Today, the stars advise Capricorns to postpone non-urgent matters, and in the mandatory procedures to choose their most pleasant part. Ideally, this is a day of rest and positive emotions. You can afford inconsistency and small fun, forget about harsh discipline and secret fears. It is worth following the news, including those coming from abroad, from distant friends, from scientific and medical institutions.


This day is ready to give Aquarius a lot of positive impressions and inspire hope for the future, including in love affairs. The stars advise you to brush aside bad thoughts and succumb to this mood. Do not deny yourself the positive emotions that a party, outing into nature, or a romantic event can give. There may be accidental spending or a small leak of funds for a pleasant occasion.


Today the stars are advising Pisces to take the gentle path in any situation. It is worth accepting a sign of attention, a proposal for dialogue. At the same time, it is undesirable to lose vigilance: on this day it is easy to immerse yourself in familiar illusions and not see the risk zone behind some pleasant little things. Pisces interested in cooperation or fearing hostility should follow the news “from the other side.”

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