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Today’s Horoscope 2nd August 2023


This day can bring unforeseen expenses to Aries, but unexpected incomes are not excluded, for example, delayed payments from organizations, and fees for previously done creative or freelance work. Other surprises are also possible, not directly related to the financial part, but affecting well-being. It is worth preparing for the unexpected during the shopping (especially the clubbing) and payment of contributions.


Today, Taurus should be more careful, following the lead of their feelings, whether it be love for loved ones, romantic passion, or affection for friends. Until the night, the conditions for indulging one’s own and other people’s whims will remain – while tastes, sympathies, and plans will often be extravagant and fickle, unnecessary ambitions, lack of measure, and projection are possible. Not the best day for a responsible step.


Today, it is better for Gemini to rely on circumstances, as in general, they will be in their favor. Even if they are unexpected and uncontrollable, there will be more pleasant discoveries than bad ones. The only thing that the stars advise to do in this situation is to stock up on an additional source of money or other necessary resources, since one or another costly improvisation may be required during the day.


Today, Cancers should be prepared for surprises, including a trick. There is a possibility of an original find, as well as an unexpected turn in love or financial affairs, in plans for the future, in relationships with friends or organizations. Innovations in everyday trifles are not excluded. It is worth giving up on these days from routine boring shopping and planned operations with material values.


This day will show the Lions how well they navigate the environment, especially in new realities and unpredictable situations. It is quite possible to benefit from an unexpected turn of events if you are imbued with the spirit of the moment and correct your image by it. A successful exchange or a pleasant surprise is possible. Do not rush when it comes to beauty, comfort, and love.


Today, for Virgos, a period of unpredictability and dependence on the situation continues, which is fraught with not only problems but also opportunities. The stars advise postponing all important matters that require planning and control, but they recommend using a random coincidence: it is possible that thanks to him it will be possible to unexpectedly resolve an extraordinary issue that cannot be resolved by conventional means.


This day energizes Libra’s creative thoughts and brings them back to the creative ideas on hold that it’s time to implement (especially related to games, vacations, or freelancing). Many Libras will be interested in a team project and they will begin to revive their plans together with other people, for example, with friends or children. Surprises related to the budget and payment for the planned event are not ruled out.


The events of this day can have both a pleasant and uncomfortable side for Scorpios. They can expect original finds, unexpected guests in the house, or innovations in the family. Among the side effects may be the need for expenses, the discrepancy between the gift of fate to one’s tastes, or the deceit of part of the expectations. On this day, it is undesirable to conclude responsible transactions, especially those related to real estate.


Today, Sagittarians may face innovation, experimentation, or unexpected circumstances more often than usual. This is especially likely when on the road, when communicating with friends, during treatment, and fulfilling obligations. Fortunately, the day promises not only inconvenience but also pleasant finds that will brighten up any unnerving process. Possible benefit through old connections or sympathies, especially abroad.


Today, the stars remind Capricorns of the risk of unplanned spending and the danger of random whims. It is advisable to be more critical of gifts, finds, and cash receipts: a catch is possible, which will not be revealed immediately. Not the best time to apply for a loan or a friendly loan, to indulge the whims of loved ones and children. There may be a delay in payment, for example, a creative fee or repayment of a debt.


Today, the stars advise Aquarius to remain a diplomat in any situation, seek a balance of interests, take into account other people’s tastes, habits, and pride, and also know the measure of extravagance and innovation. This will make it much more pleasant to communicate with others, starting with casual acquaintances and ending with the closest people. For artists and other public figures, this will help to please their audience.


Today, the stars advise Pisces to extend the pause in important matters for themselves, but not to close themselves off from the world. This is the right day to chat with friends in a free format on a pleasant occasion. You can attend a party or other informal event, to revive old sympathies. But it’s better not to get carried away so as not to harm your health or key interests. Contacts should be a rest, not a burden.

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