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Today’s Horoscope 2nd July 2023


Today, Aries has a reserve of energy for intensive work or outdoor activities, but it can run out by the evening. The stars advise not to postpone plans for a late hour, so as not to face a loss of interest in business or another problem. Travelers and those who are away from home should consider the possibility of hidden problems in foreign places. Closer to the night it is useful to plan things for tomorrow.


Until the evening comes, Taurus can adapt to the situation, and remain romantic or adventurous. You can afford to continue yesterday’s adventure, especially if it helps to expand your horizons. At the end of the day, natural pragmatism will return to most Taurus. In a system program for the future, a certain worldview or professional duty will come to the fore.


The twins are told by the stars that today it is better for them to choose the morning for the active phase of their interaction with other people. Do not put off dating, joint business, or entertainment for the evening. Even against the background of mutual sympathy, it is important to remember the “pitfalls” of relationships, possible cunning or secrecy in some details. At the end of the day, the topics of professional duty or safety will remind you of themselves.


Today, the stars advise Cancers not to put off pressing chores for the evening. This is especially undesirable if a brisk pace was already taken in them the day before: it will be much easier to maintain yesterday’s enthusiasm in the morning and the afternoon in hot pursuit. At the end of the day, many Cancers will need to have a dialogue with a specific interlocutor, in substantive communication with a specific audience, group, or official authority.


The stars tell the lions that today their activity is favored by the first half of the day and are advised not to suppress their impulses. If a good start was taken the day before, it is important to have time to develop the initiative. It is better not to postpone romantic, business, and other undertakings for the evening: at the end of the day, production, household or other chores, safety concerns, or nuances of well-being can remind you of yourself.


In the first half of this day, Virgos can enjoy life where they are, but they should be aware of the lack of clarity in the situation. Others may hide something from them, or they may be mistaken. Illusion, relaxation, and sentimentality can prevent them from seeing the truth. The evening will remind them of discipline, the real state of affairs, contractual obligations, personal plans, and principles.


Today, the first half of the day is the most positive for Libra. It is at this time that they can count on support from friends or partners, on agreement with a loved one, or with children. This is the best time for active activities, a continuation of yesterday’s adventures or experiments. Many Libras will not succeed in ending the day on the same note: they will be reminded of their home life or professional schedule.


Today, Scorpios should think before being active. The main part of the day invites dubious adventures, suitable only for solving specific urgent problems. It is better not to be tempted to start a serious project from scratch or take some important step. It is better to start thinking through important systemic undertakings in the evening, starting with an assessment of common goals and prospects.


Until the evening comes, Sagittarians have a choice between a passive relaxed state and energetic actions. The stars are advised to choose the second since indulging one’s secret weaknesses will bring much less benefit and moral satisfaction. It is better to use the good side of the situation than to go into the world of illusions. In the evening, it is useful to review your budget and list current practical needs.


Today, the stars advise Capricorns to postpone all planned important things until the evening. The main part of the day is good to spend in nature or for active, but not mandatory activities. You can entertain yourself with illusions. In the event of a crisis, do not delay correcting the situation. At the end of the day, you can return to the key points of your plans, as well as your system principles, basic needs, and habits.


Aquarians can use the first half of this day for cooperation if they are ready to adapt to someone else’s initiative and tolerate other people’s oddities. This is the right time to do business with established people, but not with new partners. Evening hours can lead to solitude or practical fundamental thinking, reminding you of a professional or other past, work, home, or health.


Pisces today is subject to old dreams and illusions. The stars advise you to refrain from important matters and responsible decisions until evening, which does not mean complete passivity. If your health permits, you can go about your daily routine. At the end of the day, on the contrary, it is desirable to put aside unimportant ordinary trifles to get down to business with strategic planning.

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