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Today’s Horoscope 31st July 2023


Today, professional plans, career and employment issues, and contacts with colleagues, subordinates, assistants, or management may remain important for Aries. In order not to lose productive time, the stars are advised to start any work early, as the evening can increase uncertainty and irritability. The day is suitable for the introduction of useful innovations that contribute to the growth of personal income.


Today, Taurus can confidently continue their path, as it will remain a path of good luck for them. The results obtained will work for their authority and correspond to their system of views. You can count on the moral or technical support of colleagues, students, friends, and associates from remote areas. If old doubts or familiar traps return, they will not be difficult to overcome.


Today, the stars are advising Gemini to keep the focus on practical matters and the critical details that go with them: security, protection of territory, and increase in resources. This is the day when even with an ideal development of events and excellent results, a share of skepticism and alertness will not interfere. Success will come not only thanks to diligence and practicality but also thanks to accuracy, and vigilance.


Today, the interests of Cancers are focused on substantive communication on pressing practical issues. If someone is ready to give you friendly advice or professional advice, take advantage of the good time in the morning: a well-timed conversation will help you make a choice or see a critical contradiction. By evening, the mood of your interlocutor may become less harmonious, and the general atmosphere less friendly.


The attention of Leo until the night can be held by a boring routine or an unpleasant legacy of the past, for example, an incomplete task or an untreated disease. Relationships with direct management, subordinates, and service personnel of institutions may not be the most harmonious on this day. Doubts or disappointments can become the background of the day, individual failures are possible.


Today, Virgos confidently hold their positions in the work they are doing, but as events unfold, they can increasingly be overtaken by uncertainty. Perhaps the reason will be a negative association with the past, fear of a repeat of failure, or a dual situation. Many Virgos will be helped by friends at such moments, but another source of support is also possible, for example, professional education or life experience.


Today, Libra’s attention can be completely absorbed by the living situation, family environment, or the atmosphere in the office, institution, or production room. Many Libras will feel the negative psychological impact of the past or face the specific problems it left behind. The stars are advised to overcome despondency and bad thoughts with systemic useful work: updating the house, and cleaning up the trash.


Today, Scorpios easily navigate in a familiar environment, even if it brings them bad thoughts and causes unpleasant emotional sensations. Ironically, it is at such moments that many Scorpios will encounter successful finds and get what they want. Important work, targeted contacts, and trips should be moved to the morning. You may have to visit old routes, dull and dark places.


The stars tell Sagittarius that the harsh reality with its inevitable prosaic needs or the critical legacy of the past remains in the first place today. It is good to work on this day on issues related to getting rid of old unnecessary things, working off “duties” or paying off remaining debts. During the day, a useful find or practical help from friends is not ruled out.


Today, the stars advise Capricorns not to drag out the necessary things and try to do them in the morning – then a lot will go well on the wave of yesterday’s luck, and the likelihood of unexpected support from friends will be higher. The closer the evening, the more shaky the ground under your feet will become. Chronic illnesses, defeatist moods, and long-standing domestic or psychological problems will begin to remind them of themselves more often.


Today, circumstances can keep Aquarians in closed places, dark rooms, in industrial or other specialized areas – or in a skeptical and distrustful mood, in a phase of emotional coldness, despondency, or loneliness. Perhaps the reason will be the work performed, associated with difficulties or mental discomfort. It is important not to go to bed in such a mood.


Today, it is important for Pisces to concentrate on the good, to fight bad memories and bad forebodings. Their suspiciousness or the sad experience of a personal past can spoil their mood, but disappointment in friends or a not-too-satisfactory course of external events can also cause despondency. Many Pisces will be upset by the long pause in their plans and slow progress.

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