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Today’s Horoscope 3rd August 2023


Today, Aries should be aware of hidden pitfalls, often caused by past carelessness or forgetfulness. A forced business trip, a private meeting, a secret notice, or a visit to a closed or forgotten territory is possible. Something can spoil the mood, but every cloud has a silver lining: painstaking searches and timely recognized difficulties will help increase skills, improve health or increase income.


This day makes Taurus a little more conservative and reminds them of some of the harsh facets of the current reality, for example, of a forced delay in the implementation of their plans. Its possible negative sides are pessimism, disbelief in friendship, or good prospects, including professional ones. The most useful qualities are patience, prudence, and realism. It is important to do what circumstances allow.


This day can remind Gemini of a professional duty, a family obligation, or a long-term plan. Many Gemini will get on the nerves of the winding path to the chosen goal, on which certain difficulties await them. A home or production meeting, a targeted business trip, contact with an institution, or work with documents may be required. There is a risk of failure, deceit, rejection, and cancellation.


For Cancers, this day reminds them of the importance of planning, order, and discipline: this is the best way to minimize failures, misfires, and confusion, to avoid vain hopes. It does not hurt to check in advance the chosen route, means of communication, contact list, or ingredients. Pledges of psychological calmness will be moderation, faith, and a sense of duty. Intuition will help. Support from friends is possible, especially moral.


Lviv stars warn that this is not the most harmonious day for them. He can become psychologically uncomfortable or drawn into a series of troubles and contacts, not always pleasant, but necessary. In the first place on this day, it is desirable to put long-term programs and systematic concern for their security, including secret aspects. In moments of discouragement, it is important to remember the goal for which efforts are being made.


Today, Virgos run the risk of facing an external systemic barrier: silence, resentment, alienation, and criticism. To break it, you should not act “on the forehead” (tease, call for controversy, impose services). It is better to rely on the similarity of worldviews, and appeal to friendliness, professionalism, or nobility: in this case, dialogue, cooperation, or constructive competition may well develop.


In the circumstances of this day, Libra will have to remember the daily schedule of affairs or a sense of duty. For many representatives of the sign, the situation will remind them of the need to protect their health or take care of someone else’s. Depending on the situation, secrecy, seeking help, humility, hygiene, and careful attention to detail may come to the fore. Sympathy is important to express both in word and deed.


This day will be productive and successful for Scorpions if they have reliable support. This may be the moral or material support of friends or patrons, a clear belief system, or a clear program of action. Together with intuition, she will tell you when it is possible to force events, when it is better to show patience, when contacts are preferable, and when secrecy and conscious loneliness.


The circumstances of this day can temporarily deprive Sagittarians of freedom or make them less cheerful, reminding them of health, work, addiction, or duty. Many Sagittarians will have to stay at home or in the office, find themselves in a closed area or an abandoned place. Perhaps they will be reminded of a difficult family situation, dilapidated housing, or equipment in need of repair. There is hope for help.


On this day, the productivity of Capricorns depends on their psychological background. The main thing is to avoid situations and information that make you give up and plunge into the abyss of pessimism. By eliminating the triggers of despondency and finding a hidden source of moral support, you can move forward in the implementation of your plans or create preconditions for this (make a small discovery, remove some obstacles from the path).


Today, the stars advise Aquarius to carefully monitor the material side of their affairs. This day promotes confusing situations, deceit, forgetfulness, loss, damage to things, and leakage of funds and information. There is hope for help from friends or a close circle, but relying on it is fraught: the larger it is, the more problems it can create later. Purchases are recommended only when necessary.


Today, the success of Pisces depends on their mood, well-being, and habits, as well as on the counter behavior of other people and external support. Despondency, fear, and lack of professionalism can create problems for them. Caution and restraint, understanding the limits of one’s current capabilities, the ability to get away from quarrels and controversies in time, control one’s emotions, not be offended, and competently fight back will come in handy.

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