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Today’s Horoscope 3rd May 2023


The middle of the week finds you a little anxious about topics and facts that shouldn’t scare you at all, because you’ve gone through them without too much drama in the past. On this day, for the Arietini, a difficult moment of the Moon continues.


Our satellite is in the astrological house of impetus, for you Taurus, in the middle of the week. If you are single, it is the right time to be seen around and be appreciated. Busy people know how to take advantage of the evening hours to revive a sometimes dormant relationship.


On the day of the week favorable for you, for Gemini, our satellite is in favorable transit. You will know how to find an unusual way to do very well in a professional situation that has so far caused too many headaches. You will be valued well!


A difficult position of your patron star continues. You must take the bull by the horns if you are given a complicated task. Trimming won’t help at all during this time. Might as well roll up your hands, even with a friendship that has gotten quite complicated.


For your Fire sign, an easy position of the night star continues in the middle of the week! You will be able to show everyone your most curious side. Your way of doing things is productive with your superiors and makes you look good with the people you like from a private point of view.


For you, Virgos, the night star is always in the house of economies, on this day… As in financial matters, your intelligence is also recognized in family matters. You will want to make some bets. Know how to keep your eyes to be more successful.


For you Libras, there is always a pleasant conjunction of the Moon, in the middle of the week… You will know how to get on well with others. In the professional environment, you will be able to take advantage of the confidence made by colleagues, take shortcuts and do well with less effort.


Someone would like to show that you don’t care about someone also interested in him. The Moon is still in the field of trials for your Water sign in the middle of the week. Don’t appear too detached: it’s time to take back what is yours.


In the middle of the week, a harmonious aspect of our satellite followed, for you Sagittarius! Nothing escapes you during this period. Your creativity is at its peak and allows you to think of new things to do to make everyday life easier. Someone special appreciates you.


This Wednesday, for your Earth sign, an unpleasant position of the Moon persists… Don’t get anxious if things don’t go right away as you would like. You have to work hard today to have decent results, both in your profession and in your private life.


For your sign, our satellite is in an advantageous aspect today… If you are looking for a sentimental adventure or even a serious story, it would be the ideal day to get involved. Your way of speaking is fascinating and puts you in pole position.


Today, our satellite is, for you Pisces, in the astrological House of Makeover. A person who had moved away a bit due to certain demands of yours now returns. The central part of the week finds you more communicative even at work, with the pleasure of the bosses.

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