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Today’s Horoscope 4th April 2023


Your loved one finds you a little distracted, almost disloyal. For you Aries, a complicated position of the nocturnal star takes shape, on a lucky day for your sign… Even at work, don’t try to agree with everyone: you have to take a stand, so as not to be considered an opportunist.


You will be curious and know how to surround yourself with people who share your intelligence. The Moon has been in the House of Health and Work since this Tuesday… You will be able to solve a work problem in couples, with an ease that you would not have imagined, and which puts you in a good light.


You are very creative and can find a new way to deal with certain tasks that bother you more than others. Starting today, a smooth aspect of our satellite is underway for Gemini. Your ideas allow you to make an excellent impression in different contexts.


You are a bit undecided when it comes to having you say about a complicated situation, for which a clear position must be taken in any case. Starting today, for you Cancers, the Moon, your star governor, is in a complicated position… Be more determined.


After a period of indecision, you will be able to show your determination. Starting today, for your Fire sign, there is a positive position of our satellite… Your intelligence is higher than usual and it improves your quality of life in unexpected ways.


In economic facts, your ability to imagine a future different from the present will be rewarded. Beginning this Tuesday, the nocturnal star transits, through your Earth sign, in the House of material goods… Your creativity allows you to achieve important goals.


A new period begins, which leads you to present yourself to people with a smile on your lips. For you Libras, the nocturnal star is in tasty conjunction, starting from this day… There are interesting possibilities in the professional field as in the sector of feelings.


Don’t be too detached from someone who only wants to be closer to you because they appreciate you. Starting from the positive day for you, the nocturnal star passes, for you Scorpions, in the House of secret enemies. You risk antagonizing someone who can be useful to you.


The Moon is in a tasty moment, for you Sagittarius, from this Tuesday… You are capable of devising something new to have fun. Your loved one listens to you and is very fascinated by your attitude and by the smile that often decorates your lips today.


The nocturnal star transits in a disharmonious position, for you Capricorns, starting from today. Someone might think that you are off guard and try to take advantage of something that belongs to you. Stop him but don’t be vengeful: he would turn against you.


The Moon is in easy time for your Air sign, starting today. You have great ideas and you are not afraid to put them into practice. Those who evaluate your work will have no difficulty thinking of you for a professional improvement that you have been waiting for for a while.


Your mood noticeably improves. Starting today, the difficult transit of the Moon has come to an end for you Little Fish. You’ll discover a new way to accomplish an activity that until now you thought was very boring, but that will start to give you some serious satisfaction.

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