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Today’s Horoscope 4th May 2023


Starting this Thursday, the opposition to our satellite ends for Aries. You will be much more perceptive and you will get noticed by someone who is usually not very impressed by people. Your way of doing can give you a lot of satisfaction in love as in your profession.


This Thursday, for you Torelli, a disharmonious aspect of the nocturnal star begins. You’re too harsh on someone who isn’t threatening you. You must know how to give due importance to criticism: some can even be constructive and help you.


Today, for you Geminis, the Moon enters the House of daily chores. Your perspicacity is felt both in professional matters and in private affairs. In love, there will be opportunities to make your passionate way feel that it positively affects the partner.


There is a favorable position of the night star for your Water sign today. You are very insightful and can tell others what happens in a relationship situation where there is some confusion. You will be intuitive even in a tangled professional situation.


A complicated position of the Moon is underway, for you Leoncini, starting from this day! Be careful not to exaggerate when someone says something that doesn’t add up. He doesn’t necessarily have it in for you: it could also be that he just wants to understand better. Don’t be suspicious in love.


Start a tasty position of our satellite, for your Earth sign, today… You are very insightful and you come up with good ideas to improve your professional situation. In love, you are very honest and you will have results that you will like. The person you like most indulges you.


For you Libras, our satellite is in the astrological house of money, starting today… Your relationship with money is improving compared to the past few weeks. There are, even in the profession, interesting ideas, which will be worth even more if you want to share them with your superiors.


Starting this Thursday, for Scorpio, there is a comfortable aspect of the night star. New activities begin, which involve you on different levels. Those who are looking for new people with whom to embark on a friendship or even a life journey will be favored.


For your Fire sign, the nocturnal star transits the astrological house of secret rivals, starting from the day in your favor! Pay attention to the health of the intestine and the private parts: leave the exaggerations to another period. Don’t let them find you too suspicious.


An easy position of our satellite is starting, for you Capricorns, today… Enjoy the fruits of work that have been intense in recent days. Your professional and personal characteristics are there for all to see and allow you to stand out from the crowd.


There is an uncomfortable aspect of the Moon, for you Aquarius, from this Thursday… Just you, who are usually broad-minded, could appear suspicious in contexts in which rationally there would be nothing to fear. Don’t worry too much and be more spontaneous.


There is an easy position of the nocturnal star, for you Little Fish, on the day favorable to your sign! Especially in love, you should take advantage of these days of energy to try to get the desired results. However, your determination does not go unnoticed at work.

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