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Today’s Horoscope 4th October 2023


Today, contacts with people and sources of information remain relevant for Aries. Success may become impossible without being sociable and easy-going. It is worth preparing for individual hiccups during the day, for example, delays in messages, problems on the road, or interruptions in communication lines. If the right people have disappeared from the horizon or are slow to respond, you will have to be patient and wait until tomorrow.


Today it will become easier for Taurus to contact the right people and receive feedback from them, but some problems in communication may remain. Certain routes and methods of communication may be unavailable until nightfall, and some questions and secrets will remain. The stars hint that you should not expect important news and fresh ideas this day; the information background will change the next day.


Today, Gemini can count on varying success. The day creates the preconditions for a good pace at work and pleasant moments in your personal life but prevents full-fledged communication and intelligence. Thoughts may be lost, communication may be interrupted, eloquence may fail, and there may be a lack of fresh ideas. Passivity is undesirable, but it is better to wait until tomorrow with any responsible undertaking.


Today, Cancers will be luckier if they do not claim personal visibility and complete control over events. For things to go smoother, you will have to accept the peculiarities of the situation, for example, adapt to other people’s tastes and paces, and come to terms with moments of temporary uncertainty. On this day, there are likely to be disturbances in travel and communication and misunderstandings in working with information. Targeted travel and meetings are not recommended.


Today, the stars advise Leos to hold off on new acquaintances, meetings, and trips, especially targeted ones. Also, do not rush to approve plans, routes, and methods of regular communication with the right people. It makes sense to postpone purchases and transactions, except for the most necessary ones. But this does not mean that the day will be in vain: you can continue the established cooperation and develop the relationship as a whole.


The stars tell Virgos that today the best solution in most important situations will be a temporary pause. If circumstances permit, it’s worth taking it at least until tomorrow: the next day useful information will arrive, the necessary funds will appear, or the right people will be found. At the same time, it is advisable to keep current affairs in working order, since downtime in them may be unsafe.


Today, the stars recommend that Libra restrain the words that are already ready to fall from their lips: the more significant they are, the more important it is to say them promptly. On this day, there is a risk of not meeting understanding or encountering obstacles when expressing your opinion. It is better to hold off on giving a speech, presentation, meeting, proposal, publishing an article, sending a letter, as well as targeted trips and visits.


Today it makes sense for Scorpios to refrain from travel and important contacts, as well as from any undertakings where communication skills and awareness play a big role. There’s a good chance you’ll end up at a dead end or run into another problem, such as poor connectivity, incomplete data, or a false landmark. In a critical situation, partners and assistants who can understand without unnecessary words are valuable.


On this day, Sagittarius needs to maintain profitable cooperation and mutual sympathy, but it is better not to conduct substantive dialogues and avoid confidential conversations. It is also recommended today to hold off on promises, statements, and signing documents. You should not rush to fulfill other people’s orders and requests: there is a possibility that tomorrow they will turn out to be irrelevant or some clarifications will appear in them.


Today it is better for Capricorns not to rush into important target contacts, visits, and trips, but to spend the day on detailed preparation for them. This is doubly true if there is a meeting, interview, speech, or visit to an institution, a package of documents is being prepared for signing an agreement, or an official article is planned for publication. The more carefully the data is collected, the lower the risk of complications.


Today, Aquarians can count on success where they are not required to have a lot of communication, eloquence or possession of information is not critical. Progress is possible in current affairs, in personal life, and creativity (except for intellectual and literary). The weak point of this day is starting from scratch. It’s better to postpone going on a long journey, sending an important letter, starting a project, or signing a new contract.


The stars remind Pisces that today their position in most situations is precarious and this is not the best basis for an important step. If recent interlocutors leave the dialogue, you should not try to continue it in the same style at any cost: the situation is changing, a short pause or a change in emphasis is required in communication. A new turn may be brewing in business negotiations, family, or marital communication.

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