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Today’s Horoscope 5th August 2023


This day will add strength to Aries, and encourage them to create, love, and harmoniously express themselves in the outside world. Their feelings and thoughts may be given to children, personal life, a hobby, or a creative project. Many Aries will be prone to a bit of self-centeredness. Whatever role they choose, they will play themselves first and foremost. It is advisable to take a break for a couple of days from routine work for the sake of a full weekend.


Today, the stars advise Taurus not to bet on their authority, as it is unlikely to be a key factor. The day requires energetic and quick reactions, which can lead to impulsiveness, incontinence, and changeability, to entertainment instead of work. It is better not to take on multi-stage cases that require patience, foresight, and a share of luck. It is especially important to refrain from starting from scratch.


The stars tell the twins that it is time for them to escape from everyday annoying worries and indulge themselves with vivid impressions. The coming calendar weekend is quite consistent with the stellar “schedule”, inviting to rest, love, spontaneity, and creativity. It’s time to go to an event or a date, meet friends with an active hobby, or find another way to escape from the routine.


This day invites Cancerians to become more purposeful but also warns them against impulsiveness. With the wrong goal chosen, an easy, pleasant one-time adventure can have a side effect, for example, hurt someone’s interests or give rise to someone else’s discontent. Luck is possible, but there is no guarantee that it will be possible to keep the result for a long time. Negligence and inattention to details can fail.


For Leo, this is a good day and they shouldn’t put off the fulfillment of their desires that depend solely on their will. Their success will be due to personal charisma, and a share of egocentrism and narcissism can be seen in their behavior. The stars promise moral support to insecure Leos, including from afar. Do not miss the moment of your luck to artists, travelers, and lovers.


Today, the stars advise Virgos not to get hung up on their line of behavior and to respond more quickly to turns of circumstances. Efficiency of reactions will be the key to success in many areas, including personal life. Irritable Virgos will not be hindered by an assistant or fellow traveler who will sort out momentary problems for them. It is better to abandon undertakings on this day, the impulse may turn out to be unsafe.


Today, Libra gets along well with people, they know how to ignore their unpleasant or weak sides. Many Libras will prefer not to show their initiative, but to pick up someone else’s. This will help them strengthen existing ties or revive forgotten mutual sympathies of the past. The day is good for harmonizing love and marriage unions, creative tandems, as well as friendships made for the sake of entertainment and hobbies.


Today, the stars advise Scorpios to focus on the situation around them and the needs of the moment, and not to hesitate with the necessary actions. By performing routine tasks, on this day there is a chance to demonstrate your talent in some area, which can help in finding a job (especially in the field of creativity and entertainment) and in winning the sympathy of the right people. The role of a subordinate or assistant can become a key one.


This day will help Sagittarius to throw off the blues and unnecessary doubts and remember their hobbies or talents. This is the right moment to take a break from everyday or professional routine, plunge into the world of games or hobbies, remember your personal life, or somehow find yourself on the “sunny side” of events. Sagittarius parents will get the opportunity to devote more time to their children.


Today, Capricorns are better off postponing things that require patience, foresight, and endurance. But do not waste a moment of mental and physical uplift: while it is in force, you can have time to do something good, enjoy something pleasant, or easily overcome a difficult barrier. It may be possible to resolve a family or personal issue. As soon as there is a decline in mood, it is better to curtail any activity.


Today the atmosphere around Aquarius is charged with positivity. The stars advise using it to build any relationship that matters at the moment. The more important mutual sympathy with this or that person, the more reason to support it on this particular day, while the risk of quarrels and dirty tricks is minimal. It is worth accepting an invitation to a personal meeting, at a cultural entertainment event.


The stars tell Pisces that today’s success depends on the ability to live “here and now”, not to hover in the clouds and quickly respond to events. With this approach, hopes for earnings, getting help, healing or a good purchase will increase. You can count on a short but bright burst of creative inspiration. Do not start implementing long-term plans and make large acquisitions.

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