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Today’s Horoscope 5th March 2023


For you Aries, a positive aspect of the nocturnal star continues this Sunday. You can do something unusual: you have both the right energies and the cheek! One person, in particular, would like to see you in an unusual and potentially exciting context…


On the day dedicated to relaxation, for you Torelli, the night star is at your tiring disposal. Luckily, it’s the last day. You are a little tired. Although on Sunday, you want to get some exercise, it will be time to try to relax and get your ideas back in order.


For your Air sign, the Moon is in a favorable position on this last day of the weekend. Family relationships become more interesting. You will then be able to help a person who does not dare to ask for a hand, but who will know how to reciprocate at the right moment.


Relationships with the people who know you best (first of all, with family members) find you above the parties. You are ready to make some sacrifices, which will be rewarded. For the last day, for you Cancers, the Moon, your patron star, is in the second astrological house…


On the positive day of the week for you, Leo for you, there is a cheerful conjunction of the Moon… It’s the last day in which new projects come easily to you. If you are still not convinced that you are taking an important step, talk to someone intelligent who will guide you.


It’s the last day when you have to beware of hidden dangers. On the day dedicated to rest, for you Virgos, our satellite is in the astrological House of adversities to overcome. Don’t overexert yourself in activities that aren’t strictly necessary


This Sunday, for you Libras, a favorable aspect of our satellite followed… The desire to do different things than usual is great and is accompanied by a certain energy. Be generous to a person who needs a helping hand but isn’t able to admit it.


It is the last day in which disagreements can arise with the people who have always believed in you. On this day, for you Scorpios, the night star is always in a disharmonious position. Don’t ruin your Sunday trying to prove others wrong! You would earn little.


From tomorrow it’s back to work and the mood will be less positive. This Sunday, however, for you Sagittarius, a comfortable moment of the Moon continues. You must try to enjoy it, alone or (preferably) in the company. In the evening, you will verify that people look at you with undoubted longing!


It is a Sunday in which you can set important milestones in interpersonal relationships. On the day dedicated to relaxation, for your Earth sign, our satellite is in the House of Reconstruction! You will also come up with a good idea to put into practice tomorrow at work.


Even if you want to rock the world, the energies are not the usual ones and dangerous fatigues must be avoided. For you Aquarians, a tiring aspect of our satellite is underway on this last day of the weekend… Better to use Sunday for some serious rest.


Sunday will be easy for you even if you have some tasks to do. Today, for you Little Fish, the Moon passes through the House of duties. You can immediately understand how you have to move to complete your activities. There are good chances of success.

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