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Today’s Horoscope 5th May 2023


Whether you have a stable partner or are looking for someone to date, there will be interesting opportunities. For you Aries, the night star is in the House of Reconstruction on this day. You will know how to be well-liked even by people who are usually distant.


On the day favorable for your sign, a dissonant position of the Moon continues for Taurus. You are jealous even if there is no particular reason. It is appropriate to evaluate the things that happen in the couple in a more objective way and without making too many dramas, which are of no use to anyone!


Now that the weekend is approaching, for you Geminis, the night star is always in the astrological house of desire. Even if you want to free yourself from the final aftermath of the weekly work, you should carve out some time to devote to love. The results will be great!


The Moon, your patron star, is always in tasty aspect for you Cancers today. Given the weekend, make sure you can spend some time in the company of a person who attracts you from an erotic point of view: you will also be able to assert your charm.


For you, Leos, a disharmonious position of our satellite is still underway, now that the weekend is approaching… Be careful not to ruin your weekend by showing yourself too harsh with a person you care about more than you say in this period a bit aggressive.


There is an advantageous position of the nocturnal star for you Virgo today… You have a great chance of making a good impression both with colleagues and with the people you like most. One person, in particular, finds you very nice. You will immediately notice the effect you have on them!


The Moon is always found in the field of finances, for your Air sign, on the day of the week that is favorable for you… Relatives find you more intelligent than usual and trust your judgment. Be careful not to appear too bloated, though: humility is needed in this period.


This Friday, a pleasant conjunction of the Moon is in place for you Scorpios! The person you like most finds you involved and feels protected by your attitude. It’s the right time to understand even better what intentions she has for your relationship …


If there’s something you don’t like, try to fix it instead of throwing everything away! Our satellite is in the 12th astrological house, for Sagittarius, today! Without even realizing it, you are giving up a situation that could be corrected instead.


A comfortable aspect of the nocturnal star occurs for Capricorn this Friday… You can dedicate yourself to whatever you want, given the weekend. Your ideas are characterized by a dynamism that few possess, and which allows you to always be at ease.


For Aquarius, the Moon is still in a tiring position, with the weekend approaching… You are not realizing it, but your way of placing yourself in the profession is a bit bullying and is annoying to a superior who would like to keep the peace. Be more collaborative.


For you Pisces, a favorable Moon aspect occurs as the weekend approaches! Your transparency allows you to obtain great satisfaction in the profession, given that the bosses will make no secret of appreciating your sincere attitude.

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