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Today’s Horoscope 5th October 2023

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In the morning, Aries is better off taking care of current affairs without postponing them until the evening, since the situation will change towards the end of the day. A conversation may be initiated by other people, for example, a business partner, spouse, or household member. Statements from business competitors and claims from clients or neighbors are not excluded. There may be a notice from the court or a message from the agency. Reliance on home or the support of loved ones is important.


This day promises news for Taurus. The second half of the day is the most informative. At this time, a short-distance trip may be due, the news may come from work or an institution, and a conversation with one of your relatives, neighbors, assistants, or clients may be required. Some news may reach you on the road. Emotionality will increase. It is advisable to consider immediate matters within the framework of long-term plans.


Today, Geminis will find fresh ideas, new interesting topics for communication, and additional opportunities in many areas, especially in the evening. There may be reasons for literary creativity, progress in business, personal life, or informal activities. But it won’t do without minor obstacles. Small financial miscalculations or reproaches from loved ones are not excluded. You may need to clarify your spending limit.


In the first half of the day, the stars advise Cancers to do only simple things. Important contacts and news are expected in the evening. There may be a hot topic in the family or close circle. Many Cancers, especially those born in June, will be highly emotional and talkative at the end of the day. The stars advise balancing these qualities with patience, restraint, a sense of duty, and responsibility.


Today, the stars advise Leos not to put off matters in which they need other people’s support and sympathy. It is better to wait with a new step until the news has been studied and understood. On this day, you shouldn’t always rush off, reveal a secret, or even respond to a regular message. Privacy may be required in the evening. Perhaps some of the information would be better discussed in a small family or neighborhood circle.


Today, Virgos may have an additional reason to pay attention to their material affairs and agreements with other people, especially financial ones. On this day, it is better not to rush with purchases and financial transactions. The stars advise considering not one, but two or three options for the scenario of events of interest, and also trying to discuss the prospects with relatives, senior partners, or friends.

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Today Libra gets the “right to vote”, they have a reason to start honing their writing talent or eloquence skills. A significant period has come for Libra, whose activities are related to mediation, commentating, consulting, and literature. In the evening, sentimentality will increase, you may want to talk it out. This is not the best moment for an important meeting, acting, or public speaking debut.


Today, the stars advise Scorpios to follow the news, as it may affect their current status. There may be a period of forced travel, behind-the-scenes contacts, or secret work, and information about an ill-wisher may come. In the evening, patience, secrecy, and endurance will help. You should not go on a journey, start communicating, or rush to choose a partner, defender, assistant, mediator, doctor, or lawyer.


Today, not the worst news awaits Sagittarius, but many representatives of the sign risk perceiving it through the filter of negative emotions, especially in the evening. It is possible that at the end of the day, their first reaction to good news or a lucrative offer will be fear and mistrust. Some Sagittarius will lose the ability to think freely, being under the influence of relatives, household members, or fellow countrymen.


Today, the stars advise Capricorns to take news, suggestions, and criticism, contacts with management, customers, and key partners more seriously. Professional and legal issues, contracts and obligations, and in private life – marital relations may come first on this day. In the evening, any dialogue is risky and if you need it, be extremely diplomatic and careful.


This day promises good news for Aquarius, including from distant territories. Despite some nuances, in general, any news today can be considered positive. But in communication situations, difficulties, especially psychological ones, are not excluded. In the evening, it is better not to travel to foreign places and not to engage in emotionally charged conversations, including with subordinates and assistants.


Today the evening will give Pisces psychological comfort, but business success may remain in question throughout the day. If we are talking about a planned event, then in the evening it is better to take all available safety measures and deal only with reliable people. New beginnings at the end of the day are undesirable since errors and potential problems can negate their entire beneficial effect.

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