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Today’s Horoscope 6th July 2023


Until evening comes, Aries can be drawn into one or another collective process. To remain team players, many Aries will have to take their minds off their affairs and pleasant plans or find a compromise between personal and common goals. The main part of the day promises to be busy. Closer to the night, enthusiasm will disappear, fatigue will come, or despondency will appear. Perhaps you want peace and solitude.


On this day, Taurus tends to act by inertia and get carried away a little. They should stop in time, otherwise, their good impulses and good deeds can have the opposite effect, for example, leading to a quarrel instead of an agreement. The stars advise us to be more careful in experiments: if something goes wrong, there may not be a chance to correct the mistake. It is better to assess the situation objectively in the late evening.


In the morning, Gemini can afford to prolong the adventure or continue to act in a freestyle. Depending on the course taken the day before, the game, journey, business action or flirting can continue successfully. It is better to implement all the original ideas before the evening: at the end of the day, technical or psychological obstacles will arise, and control or a sense of duty may become a deterrent.


Today it is better for Cancers to refrain from material investments. This is not the best time to find new friends (but you can see with your own eyes how current like-minded people behave at an extraordinary moment). It is not recommended to join groups and join collective projects. A late evening will add stability, return a moral foothold, and remind you of a plan or a system of professional principles.


Today, the stars recommend Leos to be more careful in responding to any signals from the outside, whether it be a friendly sign of sympathy or a hostile unexpected attack. It is especially important to keep within reason for Lions born in mid-August: their overreaction can create tension that will be difficult to defuse. By night, suspiciousness or secret fear may increase, control over emotions is important.


Today, the stars advise Virgos not to waste time and deal with urgent chores immediately, preferably before evening. Perhaps nervousness and fuss will affect your well-being, but the matter will be brought to an end. It is especially important not to delay the work if they are carried out within the framework of plans and agreements: in the evening you may have to give someone a report or go through quality control.


Today, luck will not leave Libra until the evening. Before his arrival, they can safely continue yesterday’s adventures: even if the risks are high, the forecast is generally favorable. It will be possible to cleverly finish the game, complete the experiment, get a creative result, or experience a bright moment in love. At the end of the day, it is recommended to slow down and remember the schedule, order, duty, secrecy, and well-being.


Today, Scorpios should be more careful not to spoil the good results obtained due to a happy accident (or not to add additional tension where things are not going well). It is worth eliminating unnecessary undertakings and acting only when urgently needed, showing ingenuity. If, due to turbulent events, emotions “overflowed their banks”, the evening will help to take them under control again.


Today, the stars advise Sagittarius not to put off solving urgent problems and try to settle urgent matters before evening. You may have to be creative, and help friends. At the end of the day, the fuss will subside or the ideas will run out. Probably, family or professional duty will call, you will have to return home or to the office or find yourself in solitude. It is important not to end this day in despondency.


Until evening comes, Capricorns should monitor the situation and control those unsafe spontaneous impulses that may arise in connection with it. It is better to exclude purchases and decisions, except for the most urgent and necessary. It is not always necessary to give free rein to feelings. Any undertakings are undesirable. At the end of the day, spontaneous impulses can be replaced by caution, skepticism, melancholy, and passivity.


Aquarius up to the evening may be accompanied by excessive sensitivity or nervousness. They can be unpredictable in their initiatives and reactions. In this way, they can create problems for themselves in business, at home, or in communication (especially if they were born in mid-February). It is necessary to exclude any undertakings. The evening will force you to cut or hide expenses, it will not be superfluous to inspect the budget.


Today, Pisces should not succumb to collective influences without a good reason. It makes sense to postpone planned events and spontaneous starts. Do not interfere with caution in small jobs and crowded places. It is desirable to assess the events and adjust the program of further actions late in the evening. The stars recommend that you take care of your health, and before going to bed, exclude a surge of negative emotions and pessimism.

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