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March 21st to April 19th
Today, for you Aries, our satellite transits in the House of duties… In the profession, there can be nice surprises. You will receive a task that shows that you are believed in, even though this confidence has sometimes been questioned recently. You’ll know how to get by.


20 April to 20 May
A comfortable night star position continues for you Taurus today! You are very engaging, with your speeches. You can bring to your side someone who, until now, had always shown himself a little doubtful about your abilities. You will know how to bewitch more than someone!


21 May to 21 June
For Gemini, an unpleasant position of the Moon continues today! In love, you may appear too fussy. You have to let your loved one breathe, without jumping down their throats every time they say something you don’t agree with one hundred percent! Tolerance is very important.


22 June to 22 July
On this day, for your Water sign, an easy position of our satellite continues. With a person you like a lot, there will be an understanding that, in recent days, seemed to have been lost. Your words are clear and you are understood immediately even in your profession.


23 July to 22 August
The transit of the Moon continues in the House of material goods. In the company of someone special to you, why don’t you talk about that project that seems so profitable to you, but that you never find the time to implement? With someone’s help, ideas become more pragmatic.


23 August to 22 September
The Moon is still in happy conjunction, for you Virgo, this Tuesday… It’s time to talk to a person with whom you have an unfinished conversation. This time, you’ll be able to explain yourselves and get, in turn, the explanations you’ve been waiting for for a while.


23 September to 22 October
There is a person who takes advantage of some of your bad moods to make himself look good in the eyes of someone who previously preferred you, and by far. This Tuesday, for you Libras, the nocturnal star is still in the astrological house of dark obstacles and exposes you to criticism…


23 October to 21 November
You are well-regarded both in your professional life and by the people you date on your own. For you Scorpios, a pleasant position of the nocturnal star continues on a lucky day for your sign. You will be considered very charismatic in a new project.


November 22nd to December 21st
This Tuesday, for Sagittarius, there is a disharmonious aspect of the nocturnal star. You are too convinced that your ideas are the only ones that make sense. Instead, a person you don’t expect may say something that makes you understand a complicated situation better.


22 December to 19 January
A harmonious position of the Moon continues, for you Capricorns, this Tuesday… You will know how to face something new with the right energies and you will put it in the right perspective. If you have the opportunity to talk to a smart person, you will be able to exchange innovative and intelligent ideas with them.


20 January to 18 February
Today, our satellite transits the Field of Transformation, through Aquarius. Anyone who wants to start a new chapter in the book of life is served. If you offended someone over the past weekend, you can now get back in tune by making it clear that you didn’t do it on purpose.


19 February to 21 March
Today, for Pisces, a tiring arrangement of our satellite is always going on. There are contrasts, which should in any case be tackled in a calm and determined manner, rather than sprawling, as comes somewhat naturally to you. Listen to the next without appearing snobbish!

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