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Today’s Horoscope 7th July 2023


The stars tell Aries that there has been a slight pause in their affairs and it is better for them to take a temporary break from any kind of vigorous activity. You may have to put up with a drop in tone, increased suspiciousness, and loneliness. After a period of energy take-off, hidden ailments can remind of themselves. Moral support can be given by a house or someone close to you, as well as an available secret resource.


The psychological atmosphere of these days may moderate the hopes of Taurus a little, but it is unlikely to make them complete pessimists. Even if the implementation of plans is delayed, there will be something good in the life of most Taurus and all they need is a little patience. Their positions will remain strong thanks to their authority, as well as systemic moral support from friends or relatives.


Today, something will remind Gemini of career plans, a sense of duty, and professional or family responsibility. It is worth curtailing the fuss for a while and becoming more careful, as certain obstacles to the implementation of plans are possible: bureaucratic barriers, delays, external control, deceit, and illusions. Clear relations with superiors and with those people on whom the financial situation now depends are important.


Today Cancers have a great instinct, but they are not inclined to rely only on it and go blindly towards the goal. Many representatives of the sign will consciously or intuitively adhere to certain rules, ideals, and principles, follow professional or other discipline, and plan for the future. This is a good day to communicate with influential friends, mentors, and patrons, including foreign ones.


Today, the stars advise Leos to slow down their recent pace and hint that the old line of behavior is beginning to exhaust itself. The day can bring a decrease in tone, and revive past suspicions and secret fears. It is worth postponing new initiatives for a while and slowing down vigorous activity. Privacy can be helpful. It is good to test hidden vulnerabilities and check security systems.


Today, Virgos will have to become more sensitive to the environment and the psychological background of events. The day is suitable for communication with senior partners, patrons, influential friends, and mentors, including non-resident and foreign ones, but it is worth stopping such contacts in time without showing too much intrusiveness. It is advisable to reckon with other people’s plans, moods, or schedules.


Today, it is better for Libra to postpone entertainment and free activities, and follow a to-do schedule or a treatment plan. Success may depend on assistants, junior staff, secretaries, or consultants, as well as on the control of order and hygiene, and willingness to care or keep a secret. There will be no unnecessary meticulousness in inspections, research, and evaluations, in diagnosing hidden and protracted problems.


This day will help Scorpios naturally slow down the recent pace, get out of a dangerous game for a while, or minimize risky improvisations. The best tactic is to stick to your secret plan and listen to your instincts. In moments of doubt, you can trust fate, or rely on a friend, relative, teacher, or patron. Scorpio parents need to look after the interests of their children.


Today, Sagittarians may need a place to hide, such as a secluded office or a place to think. Many Sagittarius will find themselves locked in the four walls of their home, in an institution or a virtual “dungeon” of memories, and will be shackled by duty or necessity. The topic of the day can be a protracted family plan, a secret of the past, dilapidated housing, a forgotten inheritance, or help for older or sick relatives.


Today, circumstances will turn out predictably for Capricorns. Even restrictions and delays will fit into their plans. Perhaps something will brighten up their forced pause and help morally. Despondency will turn out to be their potential enemy: it is it that can evoke bad memories and unpleasant associations for them, close good signs of fate from them, and prevent them from communicating with friends and people who are disposed towards them.


Today, the stars are advising Aquarians to be more careful with their personal and family resources, as well as to be more meticulous when shopping. It is worth being more careful when making planned purchases for the house or buying what you need: if there is no external damage, a hidden flaw is possible. You can use this day to inspect stocks and get rid of the obsolete heritage of the past.


Today, it is important for Pisces to manage their emotions and imagination so as not to fall into pessimism and stay on the verge of healthy skepticism. Fortunately, many Pisces will have moral support from the environment or a significant loved one, such as a friend, relative, or child. Part of Pisces will find comfort in reflection or creativity. It is advisable to do the obligatory planned affairs in the morning.

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