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Today’s Horoscope 7th September 2023


Today, the stars advise Aries to be more attentive in contacts and trips, and also to perceive any information more critically: the likelihood of gossip, rumors, and speculation will remain until nightfall. As the day progresses, distraction may increase, and there is a high risk of delays, misunderstandings, minor errors in calculations, delays in sending messages, and problems with discipline and accuracy. Not the best day to make an appointment with the doctor.


On this day, the stars advise Taurus to reduce expenses to a minimum and work more carefully with financial documents. It is undesirable to open accounts and make purchases in hopes of the future: today there is a high probability of hidden errors in plans and calculations; without solid guarantees, expectations may not be met. You shouldn’t trust even your friends completely. There may be delays in receiving information.


Geminis should remember that this day can become a corridor of shadows and illusions for them. There is a great risk of succumbing to temptation, encountering intriguing silence, closed doors, deception, incompetence, negligence, or misunderstanding in a key issue. The cause of problems can be absent-mindedness, confusion, indiscipline, or obvious or hidden errors in plans, documents, or calculations.


On this day, the stars advise Cancers to postpone personal initiatives and planned events. Dependence on the environment, its emotional atmosphere, or information background may continue until nightfall. Messages may be late, meetings may be delayed, and the right people may be undisciplined and ignorant. Possible temporary disorientation, false fantasy, or spiritual illusion.


Today Leos should not be idealists, otherwise, they will chase a mirage. This is a day of distortion of perspective, both personal misconceptions and collective illusions are possible. A key point in the plans may be missed, a hidden catch may not be taken into account. Negligence, gullibility, and frivolity can fail. This is not the best day to officially join a new group or return to the circle of former like-minded people.


Today, Virgos risk finding themselves at a dead end, in the realm of illusions or doubts. Many Virgos can be let down by their impeccable natural rational thinking. There is a risk of deception and self-deception, as well as the silence, absence, or incompetence of the right people. It is advisable to exclude any undertakings and give yourself and others time to double-check plans and calculations. It is important to avoid lies and negligence: one day they will be revealed.


Today, Libras may turn out to be idealists, which is not always a bad thing: if the ideal is chosen correctly, it will become a spiritual guiding star for them and add inspiration to their actions. In particular, being fascinated by a foreign culture can be a great incentive for them. But there are areas where they should be realistic, such as when it comes to treatment and receiving services, especially abroad and when traveling.


The stars tell Scorpios that today in any situation there remains an atmosphere of lies or understatement; there is a high risk of inaccuracies, misunderstandings, doubts, and secret traps. It is advisable to postpone beginnings and be more careful in mandatory routine matters. You can use this day to look for hidden mistakes and errors, check safety systems, and train insight and attentiveness.


Sagittarius should remember that today frankness in any dialogue is problematic and complete clarity in relationships, especially family and business ones, is not always possible. Mutual or one-sided evasiveness, secrecy, and distrust are possible until nightfall. There will not always be deliberate deception; the situation itself will often be uncertain. Cancellation or rescheduling of the meeting is not excluded.


The stars warn Capricorns that today’s conditions for doubts, rumors, intrigues, laziness, negligence, and general uncertainty remain. The truth can be hidden under a layer of lies. There may be problems with accuracy and logic. Not the best day to search for detailed information, create instructions, select staff, plan a route, make an appointment with a doctor or other specialist, or choose a place of work or treatment.


Today, the stars advise Aquarius to choose a free schedule and activities that allow for flights of creative imagination. The day makes it difficult to concentrate on what is important and it is better to postpone important procedures, for example, registration of work, approval of a plan, and final payment. The risk of forgetfulness, chaos, and confusion, mysterious disappearances, leakage of funds or data, and cancellation or postponement of scheduled events increases.


Pisces risk spending this day in the grip of their illusions, fantasies, or doubts. Often their feelings will be correct, but they will have no one to share them with. They may be suspected of hypocrisy and lies. A serious misunderstanding with the immediate environment as a whole or with individual significant people is possible. Possible deception. It is better to postpone your endeavors, not enter into contracts, and not engage in real estate.

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