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Today’s Horoscope 8th August 2023


This day will be busy for Aries if they are interested in income, especially through painstaking manual work or the provision of services. It can bring them additional money or a chance for wealth growth. We least predict earnings through free creativity and freelancing. And the funds received by chance, and the funds obtained by the sweat of one’s face can be spent on entertainment, on the whims of children or loved ones.


This day can emphasize the opposite qualities in Taurus. For example, industriousness, endurance, and ingenuity can coexist in their behavior with a craving for luxury, prestige, and excesses. They will be prone to growing demands, grand gestures, and strange whims. Sometimes the taste will let them down. They may buy frilly things, cook exotic dishes, and express their feelings extravagantly.


This day invites the Gemini to useful, painstaking, sometimes selfless work, aimed at obtaining a specific visual result. For example, it could be home improvement. It is possible that to achieve the desired effect, additional funds or original materials will have to be found. Many Geminis will benefit from saving money or having access to collective resources.


Today, the stars advise Cancers not to act alone and to cooperate more often with friends: this will increase the chances of getting sensible advice and practical help, make the trip more successful and more productive training, increase hopes for a good future, and help make a new useful discovery. The material side of this day is not too predictable: both valuable finds and unforeseen expenses are possible.


Today, Lions will have a choice between work and pleasure, the satisfaction of their whims. Many representatives of the sign, succumbing to temptation, will make it in favor of the pleasant, not the useful. They will no longer count money and see the limits of the norm when it comes to personal popularity, love, career take-off, or the realization of an obsession. Extravagant spending and original deals are possible.


Today, circumstances are favorable for Virgo – especially if the representatives of this sign intend to work hard, study or train for the sake of their goal or idea, are ready to improve their skills and expand their horizons, and are open to cooperation with people from afar. The results will be even more impressive if you don’t get distracted by side temptations like romantic emotions.


Today, the gaze of Libra can attract collective resources, large investments, generous sponsors, interest on previous deposits, and unusual loan offers. If they are accessed, it is worth avoiding their abuse: extravagance can negatively respond in the long run (for example, quarrel with a friend, or investor). It is better to spend such funds on useful things, and not on entertainment.


Today, for Scorpios, the “support group” in the face of their friends, clients, or authority figures is of great importance. This is a good day for business cooperation, if personal feelings, ambitions, and financial issues are not mixed into the work. In love, marriage, and the creative field, unexpected twists and turns and experiments are possible, but an attempt to return to the past or transform communication is not ruled out.


Today, Sagittarians should prepare for surprises in any work and routine situation. Unexpected progressive updates are possible, as well as sudden rollbacks to the past. There is a high probability of encountering an unexpected turn of events abroad when ordering expensive goods or VIP services. For the sake of a good result, you will have to try. It is important to be a master of your craft or have a team of helping friends.


Today, Capricorns can hope for good luck, but with the bonus of some unforeseen exciting events. Surprises are especially likely in financial matters, in love and communication with foreigners, as well as in moments associated with relaxation and creativity. Perhaps these will be additional unplanned expenses, lucky wins, original finds, whims of children and loved ones, extravagant gifts, or treats.


Today, Aquarius can be distracted from useful deeds by vivid experiences related to marriage, love, children, or creativity. Exciting relationships with an attractive person can become more important than pressing worries. Home events, such as renovations, expansion of the territory, and the presence of guests, can take away attention. It will not always be easy to align views, habits, and financial interests.


Today, Pisces are waiting for good moments on the road, in joint practical affairs, and communication with the immediate environment. There is hope for friendly help, for successful cooperation. Favorable moments will be complicated by a share of discomfort. Noise, surprises, ailments, or too bright colors can interfere with focusing on the main thing. Not only happy finds are possible, but also additional costs.

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