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March 21st to April 19th
In the middle of the week, the Moon is in the Field of attraction, for Aries… You will know how to behave in the presence of someone who fascinates you. Your way of presenting yourself is interesting not only in the eyes of those who already know you but also in front of someone you only know today.


20 April to 20 May
For the Bulls, a favorable position of our satellite persists today! If you have something different than usual in mind that can make you happy, you must take advantage of this period! Beautiful things happen both in the profession and in affective and erotic situations.


21 May to 21 June
On the day of the week that is positive for you, for you Geminis, there is (fortunately, for the last day) a disharmonious position of the night star! You have to make up for some peccadillo from the person you like best. But don’t do it too blatantly!


22 June to 22 July
For Cancer, the Moon, your guiding star, is always in a comfortable aspect, in the middle of the week. You can take the opportunity to start a collaboration with someone smart, who will give you an unexpected tip that will improve your financial situation. Don’t be lonely!


23 July to 22 August
It is the last day on which the night star is in the second house. It’s a time when family reunions are good, as well as conversations with the most trusted friends. Don’t get too caught up in work and give a suitable space to the most important people in your life.


23 August to 22 September
For you Virgos, a pleasant conjunction of our satellite followed this Wednesday. It’s time to make those changes to your existence that make it more comfortable for you. You deserve to achieve more with less effort. Organize the change!


23 September to 22 October
For you Libras, our satellite is (for the last day) in the House of the unconscious today… There will be interactions that could see you unwilling. Especially in the presence of superiors, there is a need to appear motivated. Don’t get carried away, but be a leader!


23 October to 21 November
On this day, for you Scorpios, the night star is positive. You know how to have fun. Even if you are at work today, try to schedule an evening where you meet someone who fascinates you. You will know how to be pleasant in his eyes without much effort!


November 22nd to December 21st
A dissonant Moon placement is underway for your Fire sign this Wednesday! Luckily, it’s the last day you risk getting yourself into trouble. Especially with superiors, don’t be snooty and show that you know how to reconcile with ideas that are different from yours.


22 December to 19 January
In the middle of the week, for Capricorn, an easy disposition of our satellite continues… It is the case to take full advantage of the novelties that are presented to you. Even if you are tired, in the evening, make yourself heard by someone who will be able to appreciate your character.


20 January to 18 February
For you Aquarians, the Moon is still in the House of Reconstruction today. Even if the weather is still cold, there is no need to lock yourself indoors. Satisfaction comes for those who show themselves around. The curiosity of others is obvious. Look for an opportunity to satisfy it!


19 February to 21 March
An unpleasant aspect of the nocturnal star persists for you Pisces this Wednesday. For the last day this week, you will demand that your partner do as you say. Especially when faced with a practical problem, your way of seeing things may not necessarily be the only right one!

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