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Top of the most loyal zodiac signs

Your partner’s zodiac sign can tell you a lot about his character. Discover how loyal he is!

What are the most loyal zodiac signs?

1. Loyal signs: Scorpio

Scorpio is a very loyal person. He might not be the best partner, because of his jealousy and secretiveness. However, when it comes to loyalty, no one else beats him. He is the kind of person who would defend his partner in any situation.

2.  Loyal signs:  Cancer

Cancer is a person who wants everything or nothing when in a relationship. He has a kind and loving heart. He is always willing to give love to others, even if sometimes this means compromising his own needs. Once he has found his chosen one, he does not deviate from the road!

3.  Loyal Signs:  Leo

Leo is another example of a person who is very loyal in a relationship.

And he is very proud of the one he has a relationship with. Therefore, he will defend her passionately and be loyal to her forever. He always stays by her side, regardless of the circumstances.

4.  Loyal signs:  Taurus

Taurus is very stubborn, but everyone knows this. What is surprising about him is that he is incredibly faithful. It brilliantly resists the test of time, and that’s only because of its persistence. Never give up on people!

5.  Loyal signs:  Libra

The Libra native will always defend love and romance. However, he tends to be very indecisive and gets carried away. Sometimes this can lead him to make some very bad decisions. It’s not a cheat, but it all depends on the situation.

6. Gemini

The Gemini native can be a very loyal partner, even if the world perceives him otherwise. He is incredible in relationships. However, he tends to get distracted very easily. It is a person within another person. That’s why he always knows what to do to have fun and interesting relationships. It all depends on finding a partner who can make him loyal.

7.  Loyal Signs:  Aries

Aries is in the middle of the pack when it comes to loyalty. There is no guarantee that he will cheat on his partner or not, it all depends on the situation in which he is. He tends to be impulsive so he has wild outbursts.

8.  Loyal signs:  Virgo

The native of Fecioara does not deviate from the path and is a very direct person.

However, he can become very paranoid because he tends to overanalyze everything. He is always sure of the path he chooses, but once something else catches his attention, he will not hesitate to go toward that new thing.

9.  Loyal signs:  Capricorn

Capricorn is not the most loyal and it’s no secret to anyone. He likes to lead in relationships because his personality is that of a leader. However, he will not hesitate to cheat if he feels that his efforts are not being adequately rewarded.

10.  Loyal signs:  Pisces

The Pisces native is a great lover. He always lets himself be carried away by feelings and emotions. However, this makes it unstable. He is no stranger to drama and likes to mix things up.

Therefore, he may not always be the most loyal partner.

11.  Loyal signs:  Aquarius

Aquarius is a very ambitious person. And because of his ambition, he can become very stressed. This becomes problematic since it can lead him to make bad decisions in the relationships he is involved in.

12.  Loyal signs:  Sagittarius

It’s no wonder that Sagittarius is the least loyal sign because he doesn’t like commitments of any kind. He cannot be tied to anything or anyone, because he loves freedom. He is a wanderer and loves to travel. He does not like to take root somewhere.

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