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Two Faces Of Each Zodiac Sign – Which One Is Yours?

A small number of people know that each zodiac sign has two different types. We can say that each zodiac sign has two faces. There are people for whom the description of their zodiac sign corresponds to themselves, but there are also those for whom it is only partially suitable. It all depends on your date of birth and your ascendant. Therefore, you should not be surprised that something does not match your horoscope, there are reasons for that.

Today we want to tell you about the two faces of each zodiac sign. After reading the description, you will understand what type you can be attributed to. It’s amazing how different they can be, even though they are the same zodiac sign.

Read the description and try to figure out who you are. After all, if you remember from personal experience, then among your acquaintances there will be a couple of people who are completely different in character but were born under the same zodiac sign.


Type one: These people have bad temper and never give up in fights. Although they are generally quiet, they can sometimes be intimidating and violent, depending on the situation. 

Type two:  These people are very beautiful, and others look up to them. They can also be selfish, but people ignore this because they think it’s a privilege to be in their life. They know how to take care of themselves, but they also like to be the center of attention. They love their family and take care of it.


Type one:  When they have to do something other than work, these people are very lazy. Instead of relaxing and going out with friends, they would rather spend their free time watching movies on their cozy couch.

Type two:  These people are calm and balanced, but what they hate is jokes about money. They have a temper that no one can handle and they will destroy anyone who gets in their way when they get angry.


Type 1:  These people are two-faced and deceitful, they will stab you in the back if it suits them. Every person around them knows this or realizes their potential. They are constantly surrounded by many interesting people, but they rarely show sincere sympathy to anyone. Money is very important to them.

Type 2:  These people are quite easily offended because they are very vulnerable, trusting, and kind. They empathize with their friends and acquaintances and are always ready to help.

Geminis are fun-loving and charismatic with a high intellect and extreme creativity. They fascinate, fall in love, and attract to themselves with just one look. They can be great friends. Not mercantile.


Type one:  These people care a lot about the people they love. They cover others and let them take advantage of them. When it comes to their own lives, they must be very persistent. They should try to live for themselves and not for others.

Type 2:  These people care about those around them, but they never let the needs of those people interfere with their lives. Everything should be within reason. They are happy to help those who are important to them.


Type one:   These people are self-centered and obnoxious. They believe that no one or nothing in the world matters more than themselves. Others hate them, but sometimes they have to pretend to like them.

Type Two:   They love themselves but realize they are not the center of the universe. Sometimes they don’t mind helping those who need their attention and support. They are sociable and funny, and willing to learn and teach without pretending to know everything.


Type one:  These people are well-organized and sometimes selfish. They do not like to deal with others if these people are not their friends. They are hardworking and worry more than they should. They consider themselves smarter and more collected than others. They look like smart people.

Type Two:  Virgos love casual relationships and always find a solution to a problem. They are quite emotional, although they don’t show it, and they also have a secret wild side. They love everything beautiful and sophisticated. They have many girlfriends.


Type 1:  They prefer long-term and meaningful relationships, as they don’t like to waste time on games or flings. They quickly admit when they are wrong and always correct other people’s mistakes.

Type 2:  These people always pay more attention to certain things. Appreciate aesthetic beauty. Others find it difficult to refuse their requests. They use their brains as a way out of some unimportant situations.


Type one:  Scorpios are seductive and love to tag along. They have mastered the romantic game, but they do not want to be with one partner for a long time.

Type two:  These people are sensual, and get along well with their partner in a relationship until the flame of passion is extinguished. They are humorous, and others like their arrogance. They are still those things!


Type One:  They love to travel and do fun things. They are also emotionally detached, never settling on just one person. Constancy is not about them.

Second type:  They like to have friends, the more the better. What a pleasure to travel with friends. These are free spirits that are more connected to the world than others. They are also loving and kind.


Type 1:  These people are ignorant jerks who spend most of their time at work. This makes them spend less time on their personal lives. They believe that their way of thinking is unique and they are ready to do anything for their material well-being.

Type 2:  They are blunt and explosive when angry, but later when they calm down they become sensible and calm. They don’t like to wait because they are not very patient people. They know the value of money and are ready to work so that they and their families live in abundance. They are good at joking.


Type 1:  These people always think for themselves and keep their minds open. They are terrible liars and can be more resourceful compared to all other zodiac signs. Selfish and don’t even hide it.

Type 2:  They are extremely self-reliant and independent. They hate it when they have to ask for help, so they will do everything to prevent this from happening. Usually, they are misunderstood. They have a very creative approach to everything they undertake.


Type one: These people have huge hearts and can sometimes be overly sensitive. They always bring out the best in the people around them. Very intuitive, always following their instincts.

Type two:  They sometimes close themselves off from people, but for a good reason, because they know how evil people can sometimes be. Pisces are real dreamers and love to spend time alone, play games, read books, and watch movies. They are deeply emotional beings who seek attention in relationships.

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