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Unlucky: Things Are Looking Bleak For These 3 Zodiac Signs

The stars don’t always align well for us and we have to grit our teeth. A tough week awaits three zodiac signs.

While some zodiac signs gain new energy and are full of happiness with the start of spring, for others things look rather bleak. Would you like to know whether your zodiac sign is one of them? Here you can find out everything about the unlucky people of the week.

#1 Capricorn

You like to flirt intensely, but no one enchants you. You’ll probably have to wait for Mr. Right or Mrs. Right. Couples get along well, but everyday life slowly creeps in and makes for somewhat quieter times.

At work, you are aggressive and challenge your teammates. This can provide creative ideas and inspiration, but can also spark discussions. Try to hold back a bit here.

Even if the sun is on your side, you can’t get excited about sports this week. You’d rather stay on the couch and treat yourself to a few treats. Try to get excited about taking a short walk now and then.

#2 Pisces

Singles exude sex appeal and drive their fans crazy. But be careful: you’re playing with your feelings and you could hurt some of your favorite people in the process. Couples long for more togetherness and intimacy.

You are currently thinking about changing jobs more often. What could be behind it? Are you unhappy in your current job or are you just longing for a change? Try to clarify these questions before making a decision.

You’re currently spending a lot of money on beauty and wellness treatments. You can certainly treat yourself to this from time to time, but here you should pay a little attention to your money. Exercise and a healthy diet can usually have the same effect.

#3 Gemini

In your relationship, you both need some distance from each other right now. This doesn’t mean you have to avoid each other, it just means you need some me time. Singles aren’t as sociable and chatty as usual, which is why there isn’t much new on the love front.

You are currently working more effectively at work than usual. You and your team work well together and have constructive conversations. Sometimes you take things too personally, which makes you seem vulnerable and childish.

This week you better put your feet up. You can’t get excited about sports etc. at the moment. That’s not a bad thing either. However, you shouldn’t stay at home – meet up with friends in the park and enjoy the beautiful weather in company.

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