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Weekend Horoscope: Better Times Will Come

Read the horoscope for this weekend and find out what awaits you!


Focus on your financial situation this weekend. Make sure you have a clear plan and a clear vision of what you want to achieve in your life. As for social life, don’t be too pushy with those around you!


Sometimes you love surprises and sometimes you hate them. Unfortunately, this weekend you may be in for a somewhat unpleasant surprise. Try to ignore it because it’s not as important as you think.


This weekend you could have a small argument with your partner, an argument related to either money or children, if applicable.

If you’re single, you feel like you’re going on dates for nothing because no one is attracted to you.


This weekend you may have to socialize with someone you don’t like at all. Keep up appearances! Also, it might not be your best time when it comes to money. Some losses are reported.


Love is very complicated and sometimes even the most beautiful love stories come to an end. Put an end to your relationship and try to get over it. Good times will come for you soon.


Spend more time with your family this weekend as it will be a great way to relax for everyone. Talk to your loved ones and enjoy the connection between you. As for money, you get an inheritance or something.


If you’re single, a lot of heads will turn for you this weekend. You look incredible and are very attractive and your intelligence will attract a lot of people. If you plan to travel somewhere, make sure your documents have not expired.


Someone in the family will need your advice this weekend. Meet that person, even if it means canceling your plans. That someone trusts your judgment and knows exactly that you have the solution to their problems.


You will have an amazing weekend. An old friend will make you an offer you can’t refuse. She’s too good to say NO. It is most likely a job that perfectly suits your requirements.


Some weekends are better than others. You’re doing well, but you’ve had better days. An old friend will bring a smile to your face, so don’t hesitate to meet him to lift your spirits.


Your courage and charisma will do all the work this weekend. You are about to conquer that person you have secretly liked for a long time. If you already have someone, you may be looking for someone else because your current relationship has started to become monotonous.


Demands from people in your life will make you feel stressed this weekend.

Most likely it is your life partner trying to control you and turn you into someone else.

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