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What Are Your 3 Worst Habits According To Your Astrological Sign In 2022


1. You act without thinking

It has put you in trouble more times than you can count.

And that is precisely what has broken some of your professional, social, and romantic relationships.

2. You cut the talk to others

When you have something to say, you need to say it right away. You do not pay attention to what someone else is saying, and you interrupt without forgiveness. Which is rude, to say the least.

3. You are addicted to caffeine

This bad habit affects you only in a negative way. Slow down a bit before getting sick. The job will not go anywhere.


1. The shopping

For you, shopping is a form of therapy, and if you’re not careful, you’re known to exceed your credit card limit in no time, leaving you broke for the rest of the month.

It’s not really great feeling, is it? Be a little more careful with that.

2. You react excessively

You have often been accused of this bad habit. You tend to draw hasty conclusions or misinterpret people’s words.

Try to listen before reacting, and you will have much better results.

3. You are afraid of change

Small changes you can handle, but not that much. Change is not something that suits you.

That’s why you often get stuck in a bad job or a bad relationship.

It’s a bad habit that must stop. Try to get out of your comfort zone and you will see that change can be a good thing.


1. You are bored easily

There are a few things that can grab your attention, but if not, you’ve already moved on.

You still have half-finished projects because you can not force yourself to finish them if you find them boring.

2. You think too much

When you think about it, you do it on a whole new level, and you even think about why you think so much.

Overall, this usually creates problems where there are none.

3. You like gossip

Gemini is a great narrator. They can memorize a lot of information and they have a unique way of transmitting them.

So, if you’re not careful, you can turn into a real Gossip Girl, and it’s written to you in the stars.


1. You worry and do nothing to fix it

You are a worrier by nature. If you feel anxious about the situation you are in, you will continue to worry before circumstances force you to change something.

It’s time to stop this bad habit and be more proactive in your life. You are not as helpless as you think.

2. You remember your feelings

Outside, you are all funny and playful. Inside, you are an accumulation of stress and resentment.

Face your feelings, negative situations, and toxic people. Do not hold back because you will have to burst, and it will not be pretty.

3. You are too sensitive

You are empathetic and emotional, which is a great quality, but sometimes it goes too far.

You keep everything to your heart, even when there is no reason to do it. It is time to become more coracle.


1. You are too competitive

Nobody wants to play on your team because you are a bad loser.

You can not stand defeat, and people around you can not stand when you’re like that.

It’s good to want to be the best, but do not take pleasure in something that should be fun.

2. You are too active on social networks

Whether you admit it or not, you tend to often share without counting.

Your Instagram stories are filled with photos and videos of your latest adventure.

Everyone knows where you’ve been and what you’ve eaten, you’re doing a little bit too much.

3. You take things too much to heart

No one would ever take you for a person whose feelings are easily hurt, but you have a tender heart beneath that hard exterior.

You are easily upset by what people say or do, and more often than not, you believe that their behavior has something to do with you, even when it is not really the case.


1. You tatillonez

You are a perfectionist by nature, and you just can not stop yourself.

You find errors in everything that others do, and you criticize them for that.

Not everyone can behave or do things as you have imagined.

2. You tend to push everything back to the next day

Although you have a remarkable sense of organization, you tend to put things back at the last minute because they are not interesting.

Unfortunately, not everything can be interesting, and delaying them will only make things worse.

Procrastination will come back to you like a boomerang and bite you hard.

3. Self-criticism

Like Virgo, you are the hardest to yourself.

You expect a lot from yourself, both in your professional life and in your private life, and that sometimes goes too far.

Go for it solo with yourself. Everything can not be perfect, including you.


1. You do not know how to say “NO!”

As a Libra, you care a lot about others and their feelings, and that’s exactly why you’re unable to say no even when you know you should.

You end up going to places where you do not want to go and hang out with people who are exhausting your energy, not to mention the fact that you are delaying your own activities in all of this.

Do yourself a favor and say “NO!” To people when necessary.

2. You avoid conflicts

Even if you can not stand conflict, you will learn that certain things require it.

Otherwise, you allow people to walk on you. So do not be afraid to argue and squabble when necessary.

3. You are lazy

Once you get into your lazy mode, there’s almost nothing you can do, and you end up paying a high price for all the things you did not do when you were supposed to.


1. You are obsessive

As a Scorpion, you are obsessed with everything. The worst is when your obsession becomes a person.

You can not forget what you were doing.

2. Like to order from others

You do not like to admit it, but you sometimes take too much control over others. It’s a case that concerns all aspects of your life.

Try to find a way to relax a bit. Your controlling nature can be the thing that ruins your relationships.

3. You are hard to read

While your veil of mystery may be interesting and appealing to those who get to know you, it can also cool them as the relationship progresses.

If you want something deeper like a relationship, you have to let people in, no matter what the risks.


1. You are without censorship

Although you do not intend to hurt anyone, you know how to be brutally frank with your words and offend others.

All does not need to be said. Count to ten, and think before you speak.

2. You do not have patience

When you want something, you want it right away, and you can not wait.

Sometimes, we do a lot of damage by precipitating things. Try to slow yourself down.

3. You do not keep your promises

You do not like the impression of being bound by schedules or projects, but at the same time, you hate to say “no” to people.

That’s why you make a lot of promises that you do not keep or forget to keep.

You like to have the power to do what you want when you want it.


1. You are overwhelmed by the thought

You often stay up at night when you have a problem or you feel hurt.

You want to solve the situation, but you do not know-how, and your thoughts can not stop flowing.

You will sooner or later understand that not everything is in your hands.

2. Overworked by work

You are ambitious and motivated, and it is both your blessing and your curse. You do not know when it’s enough.

Do not forget to relax from point to point. The job will not go anywhere.

3. You are pessimistic

You will probably find it hard to admit to yourself, but you are still the person who focuses on the negative aspects of the situation.

When you start complaining, nothing stops you.


1. You are eaten by the Internet

Dawn gets up and you’re stuck to your phone watching YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram.

It’s the same with online games. Once you start, you do not know how to stop, and you can not function properly in the morning.

2. You get lost in your thoughts

When you are overwhelmed with thoughts, you are used to losing yourself. You are physically present, but you do not participate.

You do it involuntarily, but it’s rude to the people you love. Try to be present.

3. You rush the conclusions

Although you are really open to new ideas and the opinions of others, once your mind is fixed and you have an image of something or someone, there is no turning back, which is what you usually leads to unnecessary battles and arguments.


1. You get lost in an imaginary world

Your imagination and your ability to dream beautiful things are admirable. Unfortunately, the reality is not usually so pretty.

You should not idealize certain people and situations. Try to look with your mind and not with your heart because some might hurt you.

2. You spend the money as if you had won the lottery

You are pro when it comes to spending money unnecessarily. Before the end of the month, all your cards are exhausted.

You always say that you will make a financial plan, but you never do it. It’s time to make a plan and bolder choices.

3. You put things off

You delay all your tasks and obligations as long as possible.

You leave things up until you have a million small things to do at a time.

Try to do some of them on time, and you will have less stress.

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