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Venus enters the sign of Aquarius on January 2nd, 2023, and while this energy could clash with Uranus in Taurus, it will make a trine with Mars in Gemini, easing some of the pressures for a bit until the planet goes direct. Venus in Aquarius is revolutionary and not afraid to break the mold. While Jupiter is in Aries and we are still in Capricorn Season, we will all feel much more motivated to accomplish and succeed. We are pushing through, being active and motivated. Now, with Venus in Aquarius making a sextile to Jupiter in Aries, the energy flows with ease, helping us to make some good plans and effective moves for more success romantically or professionally.


This could be a healing transit for yourself and your relationship with friends. Saturn has caused you to change the way you view connections and friendships, but while you have seen a drastic change in your inner circles, you have felt a lot more empowered embracing the idea of being alone. You do not have the energy to deal with toxic people. Now with this Venus transit, it could be a time of reconciliation, reflection, or just meeting new people. Make sure to have fun and experience the moment.


With this transit, your focus will be shifting from inner growth and healing into conquering mode. You might see your to-do list grow, and your responsibilities could feel as if they are expanding; nevertheless, you know you have the self-confidence needed to tackle anything that is thrown your way. It is a good time to develop a good relationship with business partners and bosses. You could also see the impact of this Venus transit to help you bring some healing and calm on the home front.


Venus in Aquarius will be making a trine to your sign, allowing you to break free from conventional thought and embrace a new way to view the world around you. While Mars still causes some havoc in your sign, you could see this as a time to take things easier, since Mars has you going full speed ahead. This is a friendly reminder to go slow, make room for the things that bring you joy, and reflect on some of the lessons from 2022. Venus brings you some good opportunities to learn new things, so plan on studying or researching the things that interest you.


Saturn has shown you a lot about yourself and the power within you. While you are still navigating through Saturn’s last few months in Aquarius, you will feel a lot more healing energy from this Venus transit. You will see the progress of all the inner work you have done and the direction you want to go moving forward. Mercury Retrograde in your house of partnerships is also a good way to see what you are deserving of in relationships. It is your moment to look for better, to focus on attracting the people that are worthy into your life, and not to settle for friendships or romantic relationships.


This is a fortunate transit with Venus in Aquarius transiting through your partnership house. You have a lot to show the world now and you are not afraid to put yourself out there. Saturn has allowed you to redefine your dynamic in relationships, and now with this new confidence, Venus is here to allow you to reclaim the spotlight if you dimmed your light. While there could be some ups and downs with this transit, you are still feeling much more empowered since Venus is opposing your sign.


With this Venus in Aquarius transit, you are reminded to be gentle with yourself and to take good care of yourself. While you might have worked extremely hard for the last two years, Saturn will be shifting gears in a few months. Venus in Aquarius will help you recalibrate and get yourself organized. With this transit, you could see the pressures of the Mars Retrograde relax a bit. Getting noticed by those above at work or professors at school comes easier during this month-long transit. You have your head in the game and are out to win.


As an air sign, this Venus in Aquarius will make a trine to your sign, which can make things flow easier, especially with the Mars in Gemini transit happening during the same time. It is a period for you to connect with your creative side as you will feel inspired by the transit. If you are creative, this energy can allow you to complete a pending project. The newfound inspiration could allow you to brainstorm as we all patiently wait for Mars and Mercury to go direct.


As Venus enters the sign of Aquarius, this could serve as a reflective transit where you might want to focus on career goals and the direction you want to move in the next several months. With this transit, you could be very focused on setting some new goals and dreams. This transit also highlights your relationship. The Venusian energy could allow you to get more connected with your partner and to be more open to communicating.


It is a transit that could spark your creativity and focus. Venus in Aquarius allows you to feel reawakened and ready to take on any challenges presented your way. If you have felt insecure about the way you share your ideas and communicate, Venus will help you open up more. If there were some issues within your social circles, you could see a change in those too. Overall, you feel a lot more empowered with this transit, both physically and emotionally.


During this transit, you are going to redefine the relationship you have with money. It is also a period where you will evaluate your past experiences. While this transit also happens in conjunction with a Mercury Retrograde in your sign, do not be surprised if you reminisce about a past relationship or if someone from the past reaches out. Remember that with the current retrogrades, you should focus on what is not working and moving forward instead of going back.


Venus in your sign shows that you are going to be experiencing moments of more self-confidence. Saturn has been teaching you a lot about the self over the last several years. With this Venus transit, you get to see some answers with relationships as well. Mars and Mercury in retrograde should shed some light on some issues with relationships. Overall, these are periods of transition and new beginnings. Now you are ready to embrace your sense of power and purpose.


Bringing the calm within will be essential during this transit. You are preparing for the shift that will occur in the next several months when Saturn finally enters your sign. During this Venus transit, it could feel a bit like a prelude before the new chapter begins. Venus in Aquarius allows you to see how you value yourself and it is the perfect time to reconnect with you. It is a moment of preparation, soul-searching, and empowerment.

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