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What He Will Miss Most After Leaving You (Based On Your Astrological Sign)

It’s not uncommon for a guy to become distant from a girl who is one of a kind, convinced that he will find someone like her in no time. However, this only happens very rarely.

Instead, the more he feels her absence, the more he will begin to see her true value and curse himself for leaving her.

However, it is often already too late to change anything, because the girl in question is already far away and is no longer interested in his lame excuses.

This is exactly what will happen to your ex: sooner or later he will realize that he made a big mistake in leaving you and that will be his biggest regret.


When he leaves you, what he will miss most is your adventurous side. He doesn’t know it yet, but every girl after you will seem boring to him.

No other woman will be able to challenge him like you did, and before you know it, he will regret leaving you.


In these modern times, everything is about playing and sending contradictory signals. However, with you everything was different.

Your ex always knew what you wanted and where he stood with you, and that’s something he’ll have a hard time finding with someone else.


If you’re a Gemini, your man will regret leaving you as soon as he realizes he’ll never find someone as intelligent and witty as you.

You could find a solution to all his problems and you were always happy to be there.


The main reason why your ex will regret leaving you will be your big heart. No one will ever give him everything you had to offer him and no other woman will ever sacrifice everything for him.

There is no doubt: this man will spend forever looking for you in every woman he meets.


As a Leo, the unforgettable thing about you when you’re in a relationship is the way you push your partner to move forward.

You never stopped believing in your ex, and by your side, he felt stronger than ever, like he could accomplish anything.

Now that he has lost you, he has fallen from a height and that is something he will never forgive himself for.


You know how your ex always complained that you were raising him and he always told you that he already had a mother for that?

Well, guess what: no longer having someone to save his ass and strive to make him a better man, is precisely the thing he will miss the most about you.

Over time, he got so used to you being behind him and now he regrets losing the one person he could count on at all times.


Your ex will regret leaving you as soon as he realizes that you are the only one who can calm him down.

You were his haven of peace, the only person in the world who could deal with his temper, and the one who knew how to compromise with him.


When it comes to you, people regret losing you the most because of your loyalty. This applies to both your friends and your exes.

You are a devoted and committed girlfriend, but unfortunately, he didn’t know how to appreciate her when he needed to.


Once he realizes that you’re not coming back and that he’s lost you for good, your ex will realize that you were the only person who could make him smile.

You were the beacon of hope in his cloud and the only girl who made all of life’s obstacles bearable.


If you were born under this sign, your ex will regret leaving you because you worked so hard on your relationship.

You were ready to overcome all obstacles and he knows that you would never have left him stranded, like he did with you.


Besides being sorry for losing such a good girlfriend, your ex will forever regret the fact that he lost you as a friend.

You were a true life partner to him – someone he could trust with his deepest secrets and the one person who never judged him.


I can guarantee you one thing: no one will ever try to please your ex like you did.

You never failed to remind him of butterflies in his stomach and you were the most romantic girlfriend he ever had. And that is precisely what he will miss the most.

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