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What is every man’s biggest regret in love, depending on his zodiac sign

The stars align every day for the 12 zodiac signs, and whenever we feel like something isn’t going our way, we actually need to let things take their course.
But when it comes to regrets, you must know that each of us has them, whether we expose them or not, and it is necessary to learn not to repeat the mistakes that led to that situation. The same principles apply in love life too, and the most important thing is to be aware of what makes us unhappy when it comes to the behavior we have when we fall in love.
Curious to know what each zodiac sign’s biggest regret in love is? Read very carefully!


Stubborn and dynamic, Aries throws himself forward and into love.

He will fall in love immediately if he finds a person attractive, but his biggest regret is that he denies his feelings, and even if he loves a lot, he won’t admit it even in a heartbeat.


Tauruses need time to convince themselves if a person is worth some of their time, and they dislike rushing things immensely. Most likely for this reason their biggest regret in love is that they spent too much time thinking and thus missed a great chance in love.


Dual and slightly unstable in terms of decisions, Geminis are always looking for new adventures.

I follow the “seen, liked, taken” principle. The fact that they give a person unnecessary hopes, when in fact they have no serious thoughts, makes them regret in the end and realize that they have broken their heart unfairly. 


Sensitivity and candor rule Cancer. When he loves, he gets totally involved in the relationship, but as loving and kind as he is, Cancer’s biggest regret is that he accepted too many times and for an enormously long time to be treated badly by his partner.


Leos immediately get excited when an attractive person is around them and will do anything they can to win her over. Their biggest regret is having a relationship with someone whose beauty is more obvious than their intelligence.


A Virgo will always show her feelings, from the very first phase of the relationship, and she won’t hide behind her fingers if she likes you. Her regret is that she gave too much, too soon, and the one next to her didn’t know how to appreciate it and made her suffer.


Libras are the symbol of romance and affection. This zodiac sign is balanced and thinks long before making a decision. And since Libra love is precious, sometimes they wait too long to start a love story. Their biggest regret is that they gave up their “shield” too late, and love eluded them in the end.


Curious by nature, Scorpio will always want something fresh in his life, and this also applies to his love life. He likes meeting different people and discovering something new every day. Well, his biggest regret in love is that he wasted too much time experimenting instead of devoting his time to one partner.


Sagittarians have an open and honest spirit and will never hide their feelings. But if he considers that his partner was wrong in some respect, there is no way back to his heart. Their reign in love is about him not forgiving when the time came and letting go of a special person in his life.


Tough and suspicious, Capricorns will wait a long time before showing their real feelings. Beneath the shell, in fact, hides a gentle heart and a warm soul, but until then they will have to deal with their judgment. Capricorn’s biggest regret in love is that he made his decision in love based on what he thinks and not what he feels.


This zodiac sign will always want to be surrounded by good and beautiful things, and positivism defines them. He analyzes every step they take, and his regret in love is that he protected himself too much and didn’t take a chance when someone really deserved it.


Pisces love freedom and personal space. They allow themselves to be seduced, only when they want to, and will hardly make compromises in love. Pisces’ biggest regret in a relationship is that they didn’t give more and let a person who was worthy of their love slip through their fingers.

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