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What Is The Most Underestimated Astrological Sign?

Next to the very flamboyant Leo, everyone looks dull. Indeed, everyone seems to take this astrological sign for granted. Here’s the most underrated sign of the zodiac and why it deserves more attention.

“Anyway, I don’t need recognition: I know what my work is worth. » This is what you will hear them say in a rather particular mixture of real humility and wounded pride. Is their zodiac sign seen as the least fun and least interesting of all? They do not take offense and remain focused on their objectives. Finally, on the front. Deep down, this sign is much more concerned about what others think than they care to admit. So yes, being considered the least “cool” sign of the zodiac weighs on him sometimes. And if you tell yourself that this doesn’t concern you, don’t forget that we may be talking about your ascendant or your moon sign. We explain to you why this sign is the most underestimated and above all: why we are wrong about it.


At a time when everything has to be entertaining, fast, and relaxed, this is fatal: the humility, the demands, and the patience of this astrological sign come across as criteria of ultimate outdatedness. Some will have already understood, that we are of course talking about the Virgin and her top-of-the-class label. You haven’t done “astrology LV2” and you have no idea what we’re talking about? We’ll keep it short for you. Virgo is the sign of back-to-school, planners, and color-coded post-its. She shares the planet of intellectuals, Mercury (mental, communication) with Gemini. While the latter inherits the “brainstormings, debates, and word games” part, Virgo has rather taken the “Excel table, routines, and forecast analysis” side.

His element? The Earth is that of work, pragmatism, and patience. His credo? “If all the fabrics are ironed and nothing sticks out, there’s no reason for me to die. » We are hardly exaggerating, as Virgo has a reputation as a control freak. Calm and introverted, this sign is not attracted to futility or being in the spotlight. His thing is rather the taste for effort and a job well done, the repetition that leads to perfection. To be useful? This is his course of action. Moreover, with the Virgin, each object has its usefulness and its assigned place. She favors efficiency over decoration and sustainability over crush. In short, she thinks a lot, sometimes too much, certainly. She is then criticized for being too rigid, not spontaneous, and not “funny”.


To underestimate them would be to turn a blind eye to the work they do every day in the shadows, for others. Your Virgo colleague may make you laugh with his slick organizational chart. But it saves you precious time that you can spend having an aperitif this evening. This most hypochondriac of the signs may have a phobia of germs that seems disproportionate to you, but it’s not from these big freaks that you’ll catch anything. Certainly, she has a box of boxes and a bag of bags organized by size and use. But when you need help sorting out your apartment before moving, you’ll be happy to be able to count on its almost military expertise in the matter. We’ve already said it, but repeating it doesn’t eat bread: we don’t leave the Virgin in a corner.

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