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What Jewelry Should You Wear To Attract Good Luck: Advice From Astrologers

Do you want karma to be favorable to you? Most esotericists believe that the best way to achieve this is to help others and treat others with kindness and sincere empathy. However, there is nothing wrong with trying to attract luck in other ways – for example, using the “right” accessories.

These are the types of jewelry that have gained a reputation for attracting positive energy.

Clover pendant

The four-leaf clover has long been considered a harbinger of good luck and prosperity, so why not wear one on a chain or elegant bracelet? However, there is one important nuance: as astrologer Linda Berry explains, a clover on the left wrist attracts money, but on the right, it leads to its loss.

Talismans against the evil eye

Such amulets exist among different nations – in all corners of the world they are used to protect themselves from the envious glances and unkind thoughts of other people. They attract good luck by protecting you from everything bad.

Sophia Rose, owner of a blog dedicated to deciphering signs, symbols, and dreams, says she always wears a dainty bracelet with talismans against the evil eye during difficult times. “He reminds me to focus on the positive,” she says.

Red thread

The red thread with seven knots, says Sofia, is another powerful symbol of good luck. And Linda advises adding stones or crystals to it to enhance the effect of the talisman. However, keep in mind that if you put on such a bracelet, you cannot take it off – you must wait until it weakens and slips off your hand on its own.

Decorations with lucky numbers

“In some cultures, the luckiest number for jewelry is nine—three threes. It brings good luck in business, career, and work, and rings or bracelets with this engraving are best worn if you want a new endeavor to succeed,” says Berry. However, it is not necessary to choose nine – if you know that another number (or numbers) brings you luck, then use its help.


The hexagon is the personification of harmony in the Universe, and wearing it is like having a piece of cosmic order with you, bringing balance and balance to life, says Ellie Matai, the creator of her jewelry brand. Berry adds that this uniform is often used in feng shui – it is believed to increase the chi energy of those who wear it.

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