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What Kind Of Men Do Women Of Different Zodiac Signs Want?

Every woman has an idea of ​​what her ideal man should be. It is by this standard that she chooses her gentlemen. What kind of men do women of different zodiac signs want? Let’s find out right now!

What kind of men do women of different zodiac signs want?

Young lady-ARIES

Aries wants a man who is not ashamed to bring to people.

No, really. But, so that you understand, a man who is not ashamed to be brought out to people is not the one who, after the fifth glass, does not start telling jokes about Lieutenant Rzhevsky, passing them off as life stories, and not the one who is not rude to the waiters.

This is a smart, erudite, polite, and witty man. And beautiful. And rich. In general, this is an ideal prince who will not get to anyone except the Aries young lady. Because he certainly imagines too much about himself, and it is necessary to bring down his arrogance from him. And who, if not the young lady Aries, will do this?

Young lady-TAURUS

Taurus desire for themselves a man listed in the Red Book.

An endangered species. Endangered, and not because it is a valuable trophy, but because this species is completely unadapted to life, like a tiger with flippers. That is, on the one hand, this is a classic Real Man, whose testosterone is dripping from his ears, and on the other, an absolute gouging.

This furious cocktail will knock down anyone, but not the Taurus young lady: she will measure her strength with her sweet real man all the way and motivate Gouging (with special cruelty to motivate, we note). Do you know why? Because it’s a lot of fun. Well, yes, Taurus has a peculiar sense of humor, it’s true.

Young lady-GEMINI

The twins desire an unknown little animal.

Well, from the point of view of Gemini, unknown, of course. Young ladies- Gemini are unusually insightful and usually see through everyone, which is why they believe that most men are unbearably boring types. Whether business or any geek! Some level 80 introverts. Some kind of closed-off bastard, incapable, it seems, of normal human emotions.

The young ladies-Gemini suspect that there, under this ice armor, something extremely interesting must be hidden, and therefore they grab the geek and begin to enthusiastically love him, and at the same time dissect: what is there, what are the secrets inside?
Secrets are usually not discovered, which, however, does not upset the Gemini very much: they are optimists and believe that someday they will come across a nut with a core.

Young lady-CANCER

Cancers desire status males.

Moreover, status is not from the point of view of a stupid human civilization, but from the point of view of a wise mother nature. The best man for a Cancer young lady is a man who is lusted by all the other women within a radius of three hundred kilometers. And everyone wants a son from him, and a daughter, period. And it’s not at all because the young lady-Cancer needs everyone to envy her: on the contrary, the young lady-Cancer cannot stand extra attention to her person, and no one likes negative attention at all. But for the sake of a status male, you can endure.

Just because the Cancer lady does not choose a man for an affair. The young lady-Cancer chooses a man with whom you can immediately have a son, a daughter, and an end. I mean, get married.

LEO young lady

Lionesses do not choose men at all.

They descend. Moreover, they don’t condescend often, because the chosen one must have truly outstanding qualities: on the one hand, he must be the coolest of all in all respects, and on the other hand, he must not be cooler than the Lioness herself, because otherwise how will he worship her?

But sometimes, in moments of alleged clouding of reason (according to others, of course), the Lioness can condescend to some loser from among her most miserable vassals. And the dude can think he won the lottery. The lioness will then leave him, of course, but only when she plays enough of the game “I’ll teach a beggar to be a prince.” And he will teach. Well, simply because the Lionesses are very cool.

Young lady-VIRGO

Virgo wants a standard handsome man for herself.

That at first glance at him, the heart stops and falls somewhere into the unnamed depths of a girl’s anatomy. Because only perfect male beauty can make Virgo turn off her brain.
But this, of course, is cheating in its purest form. Because it takes about 30 minutes for the average Virgo to disassemble the personality of the average man, carefully study, analyze, try it on in his life, recognize it as fit, and put it back together. And after that, turn on the “Oh, I lost my head from his beauty!” mode. Consciously turn it on so that you understand. Right here with the button, yes.

Young lady-LIBRA

Libra wants simple guys.

Quite simple. So that you understand how much – the young lady-Scorpio and the tip of the tail will disdain this unicellular.

But the young lady, Libra, will be happy with this. Because the beautiful impulses of her subtle soul – this is all “can I, do I want …” – needs to be balanced with something. Well, to keep the perfect balance in her inner universe.

Therefore, the Libra lady chooses a cheerful and kind guy who is alien to snobbery. So what if Jean-Paul Sartre is also alien to him, and in general everything is alien to him, except for beer, grilled sausages, and the Sport Express newspaper? But he has a lot of other advantages.

He can remove a cat from a tree, for example. Without asking the Libra young lady, this flea ball of fur surrendered to the devil and who will wash, feed and treat it (of course, not Libra, no).

SCORPIO young lady

Scorpios desire complex men.

Not like everyone else. Unrecognized geniuses, latent psychopaths, convinced misanthropes, and creative alcoholics. Monsters in general. All those from whom the rest of the signs run like fire because THIS is beyond their strength.

And the young lady-Scorpio just finally finds someone who is within her power. Equal. Because she knows how to turn into a monster if such a hunt comes to her.

Fortunately, the hunt doesn’t come very often (and that’s why we’re still alive), but that’s not a reason to get involved with protozoa and fungi, with this talking mycelium, is it? No reason, that’s right.


Sagittarians desire a man with whom it is interesting.

With which the whole life will immediately turn into an endless holiday with surprises, blackjack, and cakes. And therefore, all the other signs are fiercely jealous of Sagittarius: the life of a Sagittarius young lady without men is full of interesting events and adventures, therefore Sagittarius chooses only the best of the best.

Those about whom some are even afraid to dream. However, in this case, envious people should stay close to the Sagittarius lady: anyway, she will soon find someone more interesting for herself, and the premium prince will remain out of work, and it will be possible to pocket him. Unless, of course, someone other than Sagittarius needs a premium prince with an adrenaline addiction.

Young lady-CAPRICORN

Capricorn desires a sensitive “empath”.

Because the Capricorn lady is, of course, the Iron Lady, but only on the outside. Inside, she is an ordinary living woman (yes, we are shocked), and she needs a man who will independently understand her feelings. One that doesn’t need to be explained.

Another thing is that a sensitive empath usually has to explain everything else: how to wake up on an alarm, how to make money, how to buy groceries, and how to book a gastroscopy (and when it’s time to do it).

Because this most sensitive man, most likely, will turn out to be some kind of musician, poet, or actor. Fully immersed in creativity. And the young lady-Capricorn is the only virgin who can endure the everyday helplessness of a creative person. We tell you, she is the Iron Lady.

Young lady-AQUARIUS

Aquarius wants a strong business executive.

Aquarius young ladies are sure that this world is beautiful but imperfect, and for complete perfection, you need to remove receipts for housing and communal services, perishable products, and Russian mail from it. And about 100,500 more points in the same vein.

In general, you need to remove everything that every day requires the impossible from the Aquarius young lady: so that she finally stops hovering in the clouds and takes up boring, but necessary household chores.

That is why the Aquarius lady gladly delegates these duties to a man who knows how to do everything: earn money, fix sockets, cook borscht, and give injections to a cat. And wake up the young lady-Aquarius in the morning. Which, it should be noted, is almost a feat.

Young lady-PISCES

Pisces desire a caring man.

What always plunges all other signs into amazement, because smiling sharks always swim around the charming Rybka: millionaires, aristocrats, and the powers that be.

Choose – I do not want! So Rybka doesn’t want to, but chooses some nondescript herring for herself, and then all the other signs shout: “What did she find in him ?!” We answer: Rybka found a man who will become her mother. That is, he will carry his Rybka in his arms all his life, feed from a spoon and make sure that Rybka does not leave the house without a hat.

Well, he will do everything else. And Rybka will be beautifully capricious. And then all the other signs will scream: “Where, where did she find such a thing ?!” But Rybka, of course, will not answer. Figushki!

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