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What Kind Of Partner Do You Need According To Your Zodiac Sign?

Self-confidence, a stable job, a beautiful figure, or maybe a nice smile… We all have different ideas about what is attractive in a person. But once we fall in love, we need more from the relationship than the initial chemistry. Here’s our best guess of what a woman needs from her romantic partner, based on her zodiac sign.

What kind of partner do you need according to your zodiac sign?


An attached codependent partner is a serious problem for you because you like to have your own space. However, when you are in a relationship, you want to feel some affection from your partner. Aries needs a partner who is as independent and confident as she is, but who also shows love.


You are now in a zone free from dramatic events. Some people live for incendiary relationships over and over again, but not you. Taurus needs a partner who comforts her, supports her, and makes her feel whole.


It doesn’t matter if you and your partner watch the same shows together, or if you have nothing in common, as long as your partner has something to say. What Gemini needs is a partner they can talk to about anything. A good conversation is much more attractive to you than anything else. The main thing is that you are not bored with this person and that he gives you enough attention and tenderness.


Under the control of the lunar cycles, the mood of Cancer is constantly changing. You have your days off, but you are a passionate lover every day. You need a partner who cares about you just as much and can love you in your worst moments.


Step aside, Leo is not a petite housewife. You have big dreams and a lot on your mind, so you need a partner who sees you as more than just candy. He must see you as a person and love you to the last breath.


Because you are uncomfortable when you are not in control, you tend to “wear pants” in your relationship. There is nothing wrong with that, but when you get too obsessed with an idea, you lose the natural romance. Virgo needs a partner to help her let go of her desire to control everything and stop sweating over the little things.


Love is important to you, of course, but it can become so overwhelming that you neglect your friends or your other responsibilities. Libra needs a partner to help her find harmony between her relationships, family, friends, and everything else.


If you want to date someone who has no passions, opinions, or personality, you must date a brick wall. Scorpio craves someone who will challenge her and give her passion. You feed on the aura of other people, so the more personality they have, the more energy you feel.


The archer can’t be stopped. You hate feeling overwhelmed, whether in a romantic relationship or any other relationship. You need a partner who gives you the freedom to explore yourself. Which will give you emotions and adventures.


Your Type A personality means you put a lot of pressure on yourself. You love being a perfectionist, but sometimes you feel completely exhausted when you get home.

Capricorn needs a partner whose love is so comforting that it doesn’t feel like work. And while it’s not necessary, it doesn’t hurt if this partner is willing to listen and help with advice after a long, hard day. You need to be taken care of.


Getting stuck in a rut is a scary thought for Aquarius. Doing the same old routine for too long will tire you out, and you need to add fire and spice to the relationship from time to time.

You crave a partner who is as spontaneous as you are and who can surprise you with thoughtful and original displays of affection.


You have a natural intuition, that is, you can tell when someone is feeling bad and when they need a friend. However, not everyone has this gift, which means that there is not always someone who will return the favor to you. You need someone who will know when to hug you and appreciate you for who you are.

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