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What kind of people attract you, according to your zodiac sign

We all have our likes and dislikes. Beyond physical appearance, there are several character traits that attract or repel someone.
Tell me who you’re dating so I can tell you who you are”, this saying is always relevant. Every man has his sympathies, just as he can tell from a glance if he does not like a certain person.
Zodiac signs greatly influence the compatibility between people. Thought Catalog consulted the stars and presents the type of person that attracts you, depending on your zodiac sign.
You are attracted to people with piercings, tattoos and a carefree attitude, to people who express themselves freely, even if others do not agree with their choices.
You like kind-hearted, delicate people, who wouldn’t hurt a fly.
You are attracted to closed, sarcastic, mysterious people – that is, to those opposite to you.
Cancers are attracted to nice, sentimental people who value their emotions.


You are attracted to athletic, vigorous and wild people.


You like successful, determined people who know what they want.


You are attracted to romantic, authentic and musically talented people.


You like noisy, spontaneous people who go to fun parties.


You are attracted to fun, adventurous and very sociable people.


You like “bubbly” and optimistic people.


You are attracted to nerds, to unique and slightly strange people.


You like artists, intelligent and emotionally mature people.

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