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What Kind Of Queen Are You According To Your Zodiac Sign?

Today our Magic Ball reveals what kind of royalty you are!

Capricorn – Queen Victoria

The era of the reign of Queen Victoria (the same Victorian) became a symbol of rigor, puritanism, and order, and this holiday lasted under the motto “Arbeiten und disciplined!” almost 64 years: exactly how long Queen Victoria spent on the throne. Now it is quite possible to frighten small children with the mores of the Victorian era, these mores are so strict and uncompromising. Well, if the children, of course, are not Capricorns, Capricorns diligently studied history and know: that the Victorian era was the heyday of the British Empire. Because it is necessary to deal with business, and not with any nonsense! This is the motto of Queen Victoria and of Capricorns, of course.

Aquarius – Elizabeth I of England

Elizabeth I is famous as a virgin queen – a ruler who deliberately refused marriage and never had favorites. Although it was in fact under her that the industrial revolution took place, under her the seas were conquered and the status of the “major maritime power” was won back from Spain, and under her, the arts, including drama, flourished in Britain. And William Shakespeare lived with her. In general, Elizabeth is a true Aquarius: the question is, why waste time on men when there are so many interesting things around, and you rule this interesting? Unnecessary, agree!

Pisces – Anne Boleyn

Femme fatale. Anne Boleyn was the second wife of the infamous King Henry VIII Tudor of England, and the very queen with whom the story of his monstrous family life began. Before Anna, Henry was married to Catherine of Aragon, and the church did not agree to a divorce. “No problem!” – Henry decided, and simply issued a decree on the superiority of the king’s power over the Holy See. To quarrel with the church in those days was a completely suicidal enterprise, but the king’s desire to marry Anne Boleyn turned out to be stronger than common sense. Unfortunately, Henry later fell in love with another, declared that he was forced into marriage against his will under the influence of witchcraft, and executed Anna – to marry the maid of honor, Jane Seymour. However, such a tragic ending is quite in the spirit of Pisces: of course, he executed her, how else? I just realized how much power she had over his miserable male soul. Witchcraft? haha. Just normal Fish Power, nothing special.

Aries – Wu Zetian

First, she is also the last real Chinese empress, the only woman in the entire four thousand-year history of China who had the supreme title: Wu Zetian simply proclaimed herself emperor, because the empresses had no power. But Wu Zetian understood that the throne should not be trusted by peasants, so she consistently got rid of her husband first, and then of her own three sons – they ruled somehow inexpressively, like mumbles ruled, honestly! But Wu Zetian, having seized power, launched a military expansion and conquered several new provinces for China, and also contributed to the rapid development of culture in the country. But this is not the most interesting: Wu Zetian rightly believed that women in the court were in an oppressed position, and found a very original way to humiliate men in response: Since fellatio was considered a symbol of male superiority, Wu Zetian introduced a new custom for courtiers – “licking the stamens of a lotus.” In other words, cunnilingus. With her, this sexual technique was elevated to the level of a symbol of the era of female superiority. Presumably, the ladies of the court were absolutely happy. Presumably, Aries, having seized power, would have done the same.

Taurus – Elizabeth II

The longest reigning royal in history, the most famous and, without a doubt, the most beloved queen, who has ruled the UK (as well as Canada, Australia, and New Zealand) for 67 years and does not seem to be going to stop. Most of the world has already forgotten what a real monarchy is, The heads of the few remaining monarchical states pretend that they are no different from all other citizens, and only babLiza does not give up her position: she is the last queen who professes palace etiquette and demands the same from others. Because the main thing is what? That’s right, stability! And let the twenty-first century and the spaceships of Elon Musk surf the expanses of Mars around, but

Gemini – Lady Zheng

The only commoner in this horoscope, and all because there was not enough crazy queen in any dynasty. But there was Lady Zheng: a commoner who began her life in a brothel and ended it as a casino hostess. But between the two, she was the real queen: the queen of the pirates. In 1801, the girl, whose real name has not been preserved in history, married Zheng Yi, the most successful Chinese pirate of that time. And, after his death, instead of retiring, Lady Zheng led the flotilla. Historians argue that discipline on her ships was an unattainable ideal for any state military flotilla: Ms. Zheng demanded absolute obedience and instantly hung all those who disagreed on yardarms. However, so that severe pirates do not worry about the fact that they obey a woman, she got herself a young and charismatic lover, who commanded the captains on her behalf and inspired them in every possible way – he, at the same time, did not understand a damn thing about maritime affairs, and even more so in raids on ships. Ms. Zheng’s piracy career ended at the moment when China, tired of fighting the invincible pirate queen, called for help from Britain with its warships. Lady Zheng voluntarily renounced her title of uncrowned pirate queen, went ashore, and opened a casino. We think she’s just playing around. Like Gemini, yeah. called for the help of Britain with her warships. Lady Zheng voluntarily renounced her title of uncrowned pirate queen, went ashore, and opened a casino. We think she’s just playing around. Like Gemini, yeah. called for the help of Britain with her warships. Lady Zheng voluntarily renounced her title of uncrowned pirate queen, went ashore, and opened a casino. We think she’s just playing around. Like Gemini, yeah.

Cancer – Princess Olga

The princess who ruled Kievan Rus’ after the death of her husband, Prince Igor, is mostly known as the first Russian ruler to convert to Christianity. Although she was the most vindictive ruler in the history of mankind: for the death of Igor Rurikovich, who was killed by the Drevlyans, Olga took revenge four times. For the first time, Olga buried alive the matchmakers sent to her immediately after the murder of Igor. In the second, she burned them alive in a bathhouse. For the third time, Olga, celebrating a feast at her husband’s grave, made her opponents drunk and ordered the youths from her retinue to kill them in their sleep. For the fourth time, Olga went on a campaign against the main city of the Drevlyans – Iskorosten. During the siege, she asked for an unusual tribute: to catch all the birds of the city and hand it over to her. After the condition was met, Olga ordered Tinder to be tied to the paws of the birds, set on fire, and released into the wild. The birds have returned to their nests. The city burned to the ground. In general, save the universe for you, at least with a word, at least with a hint, to offend Cancer’s loved ones! Revenge will be cruel. And repeatedly, yes.

Leo – Cleopatra

More than two thousand years have passed since the death of Cleopatra, but the queen has not appeared more popular since then. Moreover, the beauty and charm of Cleopatra, and, as a result, her almost magical power over men, have become the most popular myth in history: Cleopatra easily put Aphrodite and Venus together in her belt. But in fact, it’s not the life story that is more interesting, but the story of the death of this ruler: Cleopatra managed to commit suicide, being a prisoner, and having no means to implement this plan. Some legends say that a guard in love brought her a poisonous snake, others that there was a hairpin in her hair with poison. One way or another, Cleopatra committed suicide for only one reason: to prevent the Roman emperor Octavian from proclaiming her a prisoner, and Egypt conquered. Octavian had to decorate his procession with a statue of the empress. and everyone else should also understand: you can captivate the Lioness. Enslaved – never.

Virgo – Catherine II

The most famous Russian empress, not in vain called the Great: under Catherine, the Golden Age of the nobility began in Russia, educational reforms were introduced, and the boundaries of the empire were significantly expanded due to successful wars. At the same time, Catherine herself managed not only to rule the state but also to constantly educate herself, as well as to correspond with the best minds of that time. In general, the reign of Catherine II can be called the era of Enlightenment, but for the elite: the peasants lived under her as hard as ever. In general, you know, this is very similar to the Devs, who are sincerely convinced that teaching a fool is only spoiling. And the rest – immediately enlighten! And then the shreds will fly through the back streets! And while everyone is enlightened, Virgo will sit and chat with smart people. It is necessary to have some profit from this power of yours, well.

Libra – Marie Antoinette

Marie Antoinette, Queen of France, bears the unofficial title of the most frivolous and wasteful queen in history, and, in general, not without reason: all that the newly-made queen craved was to have fun. Even her yard was assembled according to the principle “Who is more fun with.” And for fun, of course, money is required, which the queen easily took from the state treasury. It is not surprising that the flames of the revolution wanted to burn it in the first place. Another thing is surprising: despite all the frivolity and extravagance attributed to her, Marie Antoinette, both during the trial and before the execution, maintained complete self-control and did not drop her royal dignity in any way. She climbed the scaffold and lay down under the knife of the guillotine. , In fact, Libra always behaves accordingly: either during a fun ball or on the scaffold. And try to prove to them

Scorpio – Catherine de Medici

Cruel queen. Catherine de Medici had no official power de jure (except for a short period of regency), but de facto ruled the country throughout her life from the moment of her widowhood. Catherine adored her children, but none of them could become a real king, so she ruled. The fame of the queen-poisoner did not arise from scratch, but Catherine de Medici would have been more suitable for the nickname “queen-queen”: Catherine did her best to keep the throne for the Valois dynasty, and used dynastic marriages for this. Alas, the dynasty was interrupted by her daughter Margarita, the childless wife of King Henry of Navarre. However, Catherine also loved poisons. Like everything that could serve the main goal – to leave a dynasty on the throne. Scorpions also stop at nothing, and then historians write all sorts of horrors about them. And rightly so. let them be afraid!

Sagittarius – Elizaveta Petrovna

Empress Elizaveta Petrovna, daughter of Peter I, was not going to be a queen at all: she was more than satisfied with the carefree life of a court lady. However, the conspirators did not particularly ask her, but simply staged a palace coup, as a result of which Elizaveta Petrovna was on the throne. And it suddenly turned out that the empress from her was no worse than the lady of the court: during the reign of Elizabeth, the state policy of Peter was revived and continued. Elizabeth was the first empress to abolish the death penalty. She also carried out several reforms that significantly affected the standard of living in the state. In general, her policy was aimed at stability and strengthening the power of state power, and the empress coped with this brilliantly. Approximately this is how Sagittarians behave in life: not that they really want to, but always, you know, they can.

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